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  1. I was never interested in the PSP so I doubt I will get one of these.
  2. I became tired just reading the title. Any way to abridge your posts? If this is abridged then goddamn. Minor Adjustment: Moreso than gunfire, things needing attention are voice commands.
  3. It certainly fits within the games know official map area. That being New York.
  4. I also like this idea. My only concerns are: -Players will constantly teamkill to get the cure for themselves, which will get increasingly annoying. -Gameplay will be repetitive (as with my search and rescue gamemode concept) and players will swarm to the nearest cures, tieing into the problem of a large deathmatch. -With NMRiH, what Ive observed from players testing (while I sit dead ironically) is that they are creatures of habbit. Once again tieing back to the previous point, plays will swarm to the nearest cure, leaving any unexplored areas of the map desolate and not worth a mappers time. Other than those points, this sounds very interesting.
  5. Yes.
  6. Considering its a hospital, they could use a good fucking chef. Im going to go with hospital food being generally disgusting, hope they change their minds (or take their medication, I dont judge) and dont fire your ass for doing more work than you needed to.
  7. Stout Shako for two refined. Edit: Damnit vlad.
  8. Im surprised, did someone leak the files? Or is this just a pointless half-assed post. Nope, interesting to read though. Ninja'd: Voice acting is good. Good. Wat. More importantly, the character design is great, although it does need to be tweaked. Im generally impressed you wrote a review, without you actually playing the game.
  9. I wasn't expecting soon, but if I got a general timeframe for the announcement. Things like Valve and there "Summer DLC" is even good for general timeframe.
  10. When can we expect the winners to be announced? Im actually anxious.
  11. Too bad my story didn't have any effort put forth into it.
  12. I hope we see the globe trotters.
  13. A bit offtopic, Trojan being a terrible name for a condom. Trojan Horses meaning to break open and spill men all over the place. Ontopic: I find these commercials mildly entertaining. Why I do I have no fucking clue, and its making me nervous.
  14. 1. Dont be an ass. 2. Show qualifications. 3. Tell your employer of previous employments/experience. 4. Dress nicely. 5. Have a shower to wash off that old weed smell. 6. ??? 7. You have found: Internship!
  15. Anything that can get you further in schooling. If your reactor will further that, do that. If a laptop can, buy it. Either way you can do either one of these things after you finish schooling.