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  1. Hey, what about we could choose the type of zombie to be spawned? Like, choose between: Walkers, Runners or both. cause I prefer runners, walkers sucks
  2. This is a suggestion for the forum, as the title is saying Instead anybody start a new topic simply pressing the "start topic" button would greatly better if when someone tries start a topic, the forum automaticaly do a search (maybe by the tag or whatever), only if there's no results, then he/she can create the new topic. sorry if my english isn't clear, I hope you understand.
  3. like in l4d. unique characters, right what means "OG", Demo?
  4. Why all that formality? we're on the net let's focus in what's important. Well, I am brazillian and understand a lot of english, learned all by myself with about 12 yo. If you want translate things including voice, count on me
  5. Well, I agree with this, I mean, could some survivor be a little stronger than the other or could be thin enough to go into a vent and unlock the door on the other side, etc. like in the Revil: Cold blood
  6. I think, depending which kind of infected, could be fun, this is not a survival game anymore, becoming a action game. so why not?
  7. Let's go guys. don't give up
  8. hahahaha! clips are strippers too? Would be nice a benelli m4 and/or m3 to this mod. or a standard M4A1 no sigths. maybe, in someplace we could find some equipment for them, I don't know, like, a C-mag, or scopes etc.
  9. For the secondary fire, I think you guys should make a input/key named "alternate" (or something) then, if we press the alternate and fire, we could shove a few zombies. XD
  10. we should have some bulky zombies (not like the tank, of course) I mean, bodybuilders. you know
  11. What I think is when we pull, for example, a machete of our inventory, that space should be clear for other things. hooooooooooowever, you couldn't switch between weapons. You should stick to that machete or just drop it. you know, that inventory should be to store things, since they're out... thanks a lot
  12. I loved the idea.
  13. Oh my, is that the name of your virus! lol i'm laughing a lot but impressed! for Delusional: didn't you see my topic "animal zombie". I tried too.
  14. that's what i'm talking about!