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  1. I was about the post a topic about this "issue" but then I thought that the barrier there is made for a reason. The fuel tank in the subway is not the one that you have to use for the objective, thats why there is a barrier there. Just go for the "proper" gas tank which is in the street to the right right after you exit the subway, there is a shop or something and the fuel tank is inside.
  2. This system is working fine in Contagion so I don't see why it would not work in NMRIH too.
  3. Title. The only one that seems to work for me is the chainsaw counter. The rest melee weapon kill achievements are stuck at 0.
  4. Why you didn't get the rifle in the beginning..
  5. This game was developed as TACTICAL and REALISTIC game with the SWAT 4 engine as far as I know. Why the devs took this approach is beyond me. They ruined the whole feel of the game. You are killing more cops in this game than zombies in L4D. Totally unrealistic.
  6. Nice! I am looking forward for the changelog
  7. Sorry but I don't see anything new in this vid. But some ancient issues are still there - the survivors animations are still the same, the zombies are standing still near doors/windows as always, the glitch where you stuck in the planks after barricading is still present. But the map is awesome though. I would love to play it in ZPS.
  8. Do you changed the zombie behavior in some istances for 1.07? In the current version you can see zombies just standing next to baricaded doors doing nothing, or there is one zombie that attacks the planks and the rest just stay still and wait. They are not attacking at once and/or they are not attacking at all. Is this fixed in the new version? I hope it is because sometimes it becomes very boring to play.
  9. The best home base is the Redneck Truck Stop Warehouse.
  10. From what I understand from this quote it seems that Valve likes men.
  11. Yeah from what I am seeing the game is definitely AWESOME piece! I can't wait to make a "bad" society and execute all the good pussies out there. Oh yeah I am soo gonna play as that redneck confederate badass cowboy from the trailers! The South will rise again you piece of shit zombies!
  12. I don't think 2.0 is planned to be released during the life time of the current NMRIH dev team. 2.0 is something way after our time, or even our grand children's time.
  13. Is the game still a huge grind fest?
  14. Yeah the last zombie game that had the "fire" in it for me was ZPS. The only game that will do better will be Contagion imo.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IOglladanR4