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  1. I only got resident evil 6 so far, i used all of my steam funds from the stuff i sold and got it for only 6,8£.
  2. From e3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kssEMCDAAq0
  3. Web series episode 1 first world bank.
  4. They call this engine disel engine 2,0 basically it's just a more improved version over the first one, still love the visuals of these games.
  5. Me and my crew already have the game pre-orderd, the release is sometime in august.
  6. My brother got the game for me along side a copy to himself, if you own the game you can play it now a few days earlier than it's release
  7. oh the long hours spent on just playing this game those were the days. Im definetly getting it on a sale i was never able to play this game online so it will be intressting to try out.
  8. So here is a really short reveiw from my inpressions of the game. Lets start with the singelplayer, the singelplayer for me was actually pretty good not the way i expected but i was able to really live into the whole atmosphere of the game and get scared a few times. The coop is pretty fun to play it has it's moments. But the multiplayer is my favorite part of the game.the survivor gamemode feels pretty tense and fun on the same time team deathmatch likewise. I diden't really like extermination that much only played it once though. Esacpe mode was also good have only been able to play that once aswell with huge lag but yeah....
  9. Seems like i got the game one day earlier then release on pc also turns out i got the limited editon aswell for some reason it seems like they changed it. Also for those actually interested i will be posting a very short review of the game as soon as i have finished the singelplayer and played a litle mp. i also got a pack of chewing gum from the games package.
  10. ok almost one week befor the game is released about time to bump this thread. a season pass has been anounced and is available to pre-purchase containing 4 upcomming dlc packs info can be find in the steam store and the game is confirmed to have steamworks.
  11. Guys we did it No more room in hell has been greenlit and so did black mesa
  12. sprays are usally annoying and would probably break some of the atmosphere in the mod if you see a big painting in the wall with some random text or whatever
  13. after the new patch came out i decided to do the fix last time i played was yesterday and now i keep getting the error agian why does it still happen wasen't it a new steam update a few monts back that caused this and i'm pretty sure they diden't have a update today.
  14. all the rage and trolling in the group chat pretty amusing to watch
  15. have been looking forward to the hostpital map ever since i saw it on a media update how is development going on that map will it be able to realease on patch 1.04?