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  2. hahah nothing like hearing the screams comming from allyways as you walk around down town Brooklyn, its quite something espically on a saturday, when everyone has their knives with them lol
  3. oh yea, i need public transportation to live haha, I hate driving in the city, cus its fucking impossible so yeah hahah. And plus i love the retro style that the city has
  4. fuck all yall motherfuckers, new york is where its at new york > the world
  5. Fuck weegeland
  6. im such a jawkster
  7. Alright guys, im looking for something, and considering all you guys are good at this kinda thing, id really love it if i could get some help. First off im trying to torrent Battlestations: Pacific. However i cannot find a good torrent that's reliable and takes under a day to download. I did find one but it is in Russian, so if someone could help me find the english language files for the game, or find a torrent that's reliable and relatively fast, id really appreciate it, and of course that it doesn't have like 523123 viruses
  8. Yep you guessed it, its that time of year every student (or almsot every student) hates with a fucking passion Exam week, anyone got any cool stories related to it? yesterday some kid pulled the fire alarm to rip some answers when we were leaving the building, it was a good idea, if he didn't get caught haha
  9. Martin soelveig http://www.youtube.com/user/tempsdavance#p/u/9/tVEwuyDRWk8 fucking love this guy
  10. haha i saw this dude like punch this chick in the face, then later when i was walking, or stumbling, around the beach i saw this black guy like ghetto stomp this other guy, it was scary shit
  11. his afro is made of pubes
  12. well like i said, This
  13. Well, the other day i was playing Men of war: Assault Squad, its a really good game if you haven't tried it, Anyway.. I noticed such small and amazing details that it really surprised me, For example When a tank gets hit by the round from a AT cannon on another tank, you can see the hole that was punched in it, and it glows red to represent the heat of the contorting metal Or that a AT cannon will create actually spent casings when it has fired, that remain in place for a few mins. Another was that buildings, bridges, and even trees all oblige by a real world damage system, that is truly amazing NOW all of this is in a RTS! a RTS!!!! Details like this are scarcely found even in FPS's so my argument is, have the average games expectations really dropped so low that a game like the new COD's are considered good? and games like MOW: AS are overlooked? WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO!
  14. well to rephrase my question im basically asking if its worth going to collage to learn how to code and possibly lead into working for gaming companies, eg Tripwire, Ubisoft ... ect And also how difficult is it to find a job in that field
  15. Yeah man its all good and fun, especially during summer, i have a feeling that the one approaching so quickly will be a really fucking awesome one haha. Only problem is i honestly have no idea for what i want to do when i enter college, i mean im honestly stumped, ive seriously considered going into the portion of producing games, but i have no idea how job opportunities work with that, Does anyone here work for a company? and can anyone tell me if its really a good job, and how easy/difficult are they to come by?