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  1. cubemaps are twice the resolution than standard. i think it will only increase mapsize imo. if the guy releases this custom shader, all source mods could benefit from it.
  2. if this gets released, is it possible to see it integrated in this mod?
  3. The Warehouse is almost finished. I have started on the Raccoon Streets now. Also there are issues with Cubemaps, the initial cubemapcompile gives Black textures only. A workaround is to open the .bsp in Pakrat, delete all cubemaps, resave the .bsp and compile Cubemaps again. Thats how it fixes it strangely. http://imgur.com/z0zrGY4'>
  4. *plays re3 safe room bgm* WIP ofcourse. Hope no one minds me using RPD props. eventually I plan to extend the Map with the City and the RPD thankfully half of the RPD is barricaded off in resident evil 3:nemesis for some reason the texture isnt refracting cubemaps even tho I have customized it and put a specular map into the alpha of this tile texture.
  5. I haven't mapped in a while but maybe someone will recognize what this is about:
  6. name: Danny N├╝rnberg age: 18 location and time zone: GMT +1 Germany link to your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mingebag14 PC specs: CPU: intel core i5-2410m @ 2,3ghz dual core | GPU: nvidia geforce gtx 460m | RAM: 2x 4GB @ 1333 mhz | 128 GB SSD, 500 GB HDD | Windows 7 64 bit GitHub account: https://github.com/vip08/ Are you a Linux User?: Maybe with SteamOS Are you a server host?: Ney Have you tested a game before?: Project Reality Are you a Level Designer? Yup Do you have an Oculus Rift? I wish
  7. Grr vanilla ArmA2 sounds are annoying why can't we use sound mods like RWS or JSRS
  8. The recent released mod for ArmA2 DayZ seems to be interesting, currently in alpha stage;
  9. great mapping, especially love the Models who is doing them?
  10. Possible it is. Somehow. I've seen . But he doesn't tell how and if it even will work on Multiplayer
  11. Combine it with quality mapping and you have a master piece
  12. didn't they donate the "harvest" map to the ZPS team and re-made it in from of nmo_cabin ?
  13. The textures are released without you uploading them? What kind of sorcery is this?!
  14. Those are normal NMRiH textures you don't know? ms_road01 ms_sidewalk01