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  1. Looks interesting, Some of the particles are pretty snazzy.
  2. I fuck people up with razor, silencer, skeleton king, luna, pugna, and especially dazzle. Dazzle is the most underrated character. His support abilities are godlike, with me on a team supporting, the team rarely dies. Meepo and invoker are hardest to play.
  3. It supposed to be GordOn free man not Gordan with an A....
  4. I feel like he knows modeling and texturing enough to do some props for us. Though it'd be interesting to see how well you can texture things to be dirtier or less "clean".
  5. My 3ds max takes no more than 10 seconds to fully load.
  6. Stop bitching about programs that dont work to your needs and their prices and go to autodesk.com student page. Put your email in, say you're a student and get any autodesk product for free. You can make all the pixel models you please in 3ds max, blender, maya, modo, softimage, or any other thing you desire.
  7. I started using max about a month ago, and I can already UV and make quite a few models.
  8. I've had this crash personally as well. It probably has to do with the ragdoll crash we are hard at work trying to fix.
  9. I don't believe we'll have any game modes where a player can control zombies.
  10. I sold the fuck out of my 4 cards from hl2 and 4 cards from dota 2 and bought borderlands with the money.
  11. I'd surely hope you could light better than that. And you'd need an ungodly amout of detail to even make that scene look relatively good. You'd need to show vast improvements over something like that. Not only as a level designer, you'd have to know how to map out the gameplay aspects AND make it look fantastic as well. That image you posted would've been better off if it wasnt ever posted.
  12. Only thing I have to add, is we have considered making fema bags drop ammo as well as replenish the zones. We've also discussed re-spawning during waves since it takes forever.
  13. I've been playing this for over a year. Good stuff.
  14. Cant rush quality.
  15. 1.07 will be distributed through steam in a few months. So 1.07 will be the official steam release.