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  1. rip

    oh hey it's been almost a year sine i last logged in and everyone is still dead RIP make me admin of this forum
  2. rip

    i guess a little sad
  3. rip

    everyone is dead
  4. Co-op sucks if your partner dies early on. It's near impossible. Also, the devs are incredible and release CONSTANT updates.
  5. I don't believe you. Try it again.
  6. I missed you.
  7. please don't talk to me using your stern red voice. i did nothing wrong. i provided you with the best advice that i could think of.
  8. tbh Ashley, just give up. also, you seem to be curious about fonts and colours. on your computer, open an application called "Word Pad". in this program, you have DOZENS of fonts to choose from, and virtually any colour. you can even change the size too! there's so many different combinations of fonts and colours that it'll make you dizzy, but that's the fun. this forum is pretty small beans when it comes to typing things, so go check out Word Pad. i know you'll have a blast. PS. there's another REALLY COOL program on your computer called MS Paint (or just Paint). in this program, you can do all the things i mentioned you can do in Word Pad, but you can also DRAW ON THE SCREEN. OMG. you can use your mouse to click and drag it around to make lines, just like a pencil. except you can also CHANGE THE COLOUR of the pencil to any colour you want!!! i don't want to overload you with too much as Word Pad already seams like it'll be enough, but i thought i'd share this as it's just too cool. let me know how it goes for you!
  9. no
  10. i like to learn this help
  11. how do u make music like where do i start do i download a program
  12. i joined the forum.
  13. hi kool krates welcome to the forum. better late than never right.
  14. lol this is just a hoax god you people are dumb
  15. Joe, you're not important. You're just weird.