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  1. Well I am ready for this game. First thing I will do is break the law and see what they say. Because I don't think they can top, "STOP RIGHT THERE! CRIMINAL SCUM!"
  2. I second this FUS ROH DAH!!!!
  3. So, what kind of an experience was your very first play through guys? I had a SHIT ton of lag once I opened the attic trap door in Cabin I guess all the zombies spawned and my comp couldn't handle it. I still played but it was like playing in slow-motion. I will get a much better experience if I go to my local lan center, which I plan on doing this weekend. SO SHARE YOUR EXPERIANCE
  4. Congrats to the dev team
  5. Gave me giggles :3
  6. LOL it is 3:44am where I live (Louisiana) and I have no idea what time I should be expecting this game. Desura says 0 days until launch so I guess ill check every hour or so eh? Unless some kind soul wishes to tell me? Cuz all the time zones are confusing me.
  7. So now that there is this holy release date.(That caused me to have spasms) How will you guys play it for your first time? I mean would you launch it in offline and playing by yourself to get the feel for it before tackling the game online? Or would you barrel-roll into online? I plan on getting together with a friend or my bro (or both) and trying this bad boy out. So tell me guys, Let me hear how you will handle losing your NMRIH virginity. Hmmm... I wonder if there will be a tutorial of some sort? EDIT- Sorry for misspelling "guys" in the topic description. I have not had any decent sleep for a few days.
  8. I am glad you guys have set the date and are getting ready to release that beta. But... Could you maybe... You know, not make a trailer for it? I nerded so much on my screen that I can barely see what I'm typing. Plus your video knocked me unconscious. :3 lol, glad you guys are making progress. Hope my comp can handle this HELL
  9. and fart, so
  10. Nice work, lol i have some fucked up parents
  11. Alright, so I was observing your survival mode vid, the one where the helicopter comes in and drops ammo every so-so rounds, and I was wondering if the survival mode is "survivable.". I mean can you actually pick how many round and see how long you last? And when you survive can you get in that supply chopper to leave or have some other way to get out? If so, and if there are difficulty modes {lotsa "ifs" i know } I would suggest that if the team survives long enough and evac picks them up, perhaps there is only enough room for one or two, and the remaining have to wait, and the left overs after that. But thats only if you can actually survive. Although that would be a neat game mode right? You could call it "Left Overs" [Que epic music] Okay you wouldn't call it that but you get the idea! Also as an idea for a zombie, I know you have the armored zombies that can take a few hits, But I was thinking of another class. How about Big Fat Fuck. And before a boomer yells at me for talking about him, I am talking about just a BIG HUMOUNGOUS LARD OF FAT ZOMBIE. He moves like a slow fat fuck [like myself] and he takes a good amount of hits to bring down. However the chance of him getting anywhere near you is slim but I believe you could use the BFF [big Fat Fuck] as an ammo waster, or an obstacle that blocks a hallway, or something to distract you or even block your vision. So pretty much a Humongous [fat] annoyance. I haven't been on in a while because of personal reasons and I thought I would post an idea to make up for it. I apologize in advance if my Ideas are shit, and please tell me to stop posting them if so. I'd hate to slow you guys down. Thank you for your time.
  12. Ha you guys are amusing I am glad the progress is running well. I would ask to be a tester but I would waste your time. I would like to help SOME kind of way but I do not know of one. But you certainly have my support.
  13. Wow! lol I shoulda checked my post sooner :3 I am glad to see the progress guys! I understand that you guys have lives and need to do things other than work on this mod. It's very understandable. I myself am working on a novel. Just the fact that you guys are continuing is pretty impressive. If you need motivation just remember why you are doing it. Don't think about what it will become. Just remember why. I hope whenever you guys have free time you will post your opinions or general happenings with the mod here. I also look forward to playing it as I am absolute it will give me some inspiration on my novel. [Did I just give away the theme of my novel? Well shit!] lol Thank you for your time, and good luck friends.
  14. well ya but i havn't seen a knew post on there in a while so I thought "what the hell, why not?" so here i am tryin to get some nice talkings about the mod from the dev's and testers
  15. Any progress with the mod guys? Don't mean to pester if I appear to be, just interested. Just wanted to hear about any problems or cool developments on the mod. Any thing funny that happened with the mod, or anything interesting yall or the testers want to talk about.