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  1. By "prevented from sprinting" do you mean the sprint animation doesn't play (jogging arms) or that you don't run as fast anymore? I think your inventory might be full, which applies a penalty to your movement speed and stamina. Is your character panting heavily (out of stamina)? Is your weapon lowered (out of stamina)? Are you holding down shift while/before pressing e to open the box? Do you hold down shift or W while you use the box?
  2. I really like that map! Are you going to have a safezone which the zombies can touch so there is a way to lose? This would be a great NMS map.
  3. http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1t9sxi/youtube_rejected_no_more_room_in_hell_monetization/ Youtube is not allowing us to monetize almost any of our popular videos. We want to see if we can reach someone who can make a change and reddit might be big enough to find that person.
  4. Your weapon now lowers when you are out of stamina.
  5. Other games don't involve what are essentially 100-200 players (zombies) on the map. You need at least a 5Mbps uplink, not being heavily shared by other users, not over wifi to host servers that don't lag. You can either purchase a dedicated server from one of the vendors, or join one of the many public servers available. If you REALLY want...you can set ov_max_zombie_count lower. Capping your updaterate to 20 will give every player essentially 20 network FPS...not ideal but also maybe a solution. I wouldn't go lower than 30
  6. Blocking was fixed with this patch
  7. Are you alt-tabbing a lot? I have issues with the client when I alt-tab every once in a while that could cause problems with a listen server. Me personally I have no issues with 200+ zombies in the map running from a local dedicated server. During testing I'll often bump up to 250 zombies and make the game crawl for other players with 6 players or so...I'm confident it's my network though. Are you on wireless N or wireless G or an ethernet network?
  8. A charged swing with the machete is still a guaranteed kill. A light swipe with it wont be unless you hit the head directly.
  9. http://0bin.net/paste/5XCf0+F1J+bFzFRf#c7O5E6zAuMcn5gpk58uuvLzWbc0kfFKhhmPaSgPW9cE= Here is the text you need to keep your server up in windows. Place this next to srcds.exe in a text file named "nmrih.bat" then execute it by double clicking nmrih.bat.
  10. Try these... More than double the maximum number of zombies... ov_max_zombie_count 200 Triple the density of zombies in objective mode.... sv_spawn_density 3 Double the number of zombies added each wave in survival mode... sv_wave_cycle 20
  11. I dont recommend sv_allowupload 1
  12. Please for the love of all things holy set the minimum time to like 5 minutes, not 60 seconds.
  13. Updated Solution: LAN Servers are restricted to local clients (class C)
  14. Zombie spawning is controlled by proximity, visibility, and overall caps. You can only have about 120 zombies on a map at once. Zones should be square. In objective mode...they activate at a distance of 800 and aim to be completely filled by 350 units. Zones smaller than 15 will clamp to however many zombies are active once a player enters the zone (<100 units away) to prevent zombies from randomly appearing in rooms/where you aren't looking indoors. Zombies will not spawn if a player will see them pop in unless ignore_visibility is set. It's best to make your spawn zones large. The advice on the guide says to split larger zones, but they are supported just as well when not split, just increase the spawn_density to compensate for the zone zombie limit.
  15. In hammer you should be using random_spawner in game its give ammo_9mm