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  2. Yeah. I've compited it twice. Great experience.
  3. Why Irkutsk I wonder...
  4. Nice stuff, thx for posting. Although this thread went off topic as usual) but I'd like to mention that I was really excited about the voxel graphics when the Tiberium Sun came out.
  5. Nick Cage as Dexter?)
  6. Pew pew
  7. I watched first two series of this show and liked it, then I watched another two series and was like... meh. Then I watched 5 and 6th series on fast farward. And I still cant watch the 7th. There are sooo many boring stuff there with unneeded drama. No. I'd rather watch Justified.
  8. So you got banned because you argued with an admin? Sounds fair. And there are tools in windows and steam to test your mic. And if u talk in game as much as write here then no wonder u got muted)
  9. >>No, seriously man, from the vids I watched about NMRIH it looks way more finished than BF3. Legion, I had exactly the same comparison in my head) Well, today/tomorrow (depending on a time zone) is the last day of Alpha test. I'll just hope that the Beta will be more stable. And going to earn some money extra for gtx 560.
  10. >>How are you all getting invites? 300+ play hours in BC2.
  11. Its quite crap to play indeed. Its alpha, so don't bother InZaneFlea. Hopefully there will be much more playable Beta in a month.
  12. Gtx570! Youre going to do fine)
  13. Real man use iron sights)
  14. Legion, I think they just used some randomizer to pick players. >> Could you post a screenshot or two of this alpha version? DICE asked politely not to do it. And anyway at normal specs it looks like some map pack for Bad Company 2. I just read the system requirements for BF3 (they are in Russian in my mailbox so I won't copy paste it) and it says 'DirectX 10 or DirectX 11'.
  15. Well before launching there is always a pop-up with a warning that I should upgrade my driver for the video. But i have the latest version for my old video card) But anyway its not the cause of game crashing, since i have a friend with GTX 470 who crashes every 5 minutes too. BF is processor dependent but as far as i know because of physics and that kind of stuff. Most of the computation lays on the graphic card. i7 will be really cool, but later) And btw DirectX 11 sounds like a future to me)))