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  2. I hope it isn't like when you die in bfbc2 your guys hands fly up in the air and you just stand there not knowing what happened. I also hope they don't have stupid glitches like this:
  3. loud he almost
  4. Nothing says zombie apocalypse like where a Santa Claus hat while chopping up zombies.
  5. Beyond awesome!
  6. I really like how the sounds come together. Sets a nice mood to the gameplay.
  7. That was so fun. I expecially like the part in the story were that guy was like oops somethings wrong. Really made it dramatic
  8. Looking great! Keep it up!
  9. These maps look really good!
  10. Map looks really great!
  11. That's an AWSOME IDEA!
  12. I could be a pyro.
  13. But then theres a temptation to through him out of a window!
  14. I noticed the only comment on here isn't very nice :(. So i came to say you're cool! :)