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  1. Something like this could sit between impossible and maybe but not really possible borders, getting some good looking models especially for first person use can be somewhat difficult and finding a reliable (possibly organic) modeler that isn't looking for paid work.
  2. Decapitated limbs, need a hand pal =o
  3. I personally am not a fan of free aim but I do like the angle thingamajigs you've done here, looks pretty cool. I've animated most of the weapons and such and I have no problem with the animations being used elsewhere *Maxx made a majority of the firearm models and I would guess according to his above post he would be in favor as well* My main concern is people need to know the models/animations come from NMRiH and were created by said devs. NMRiH doesn't have enough popularity as Garry's Mod does so people will believe that you've created all the content used in your addon *Check the comments in your videos even, you'll see what I mean* I know you'll give us credit but you need to find a way to really stress the fact that we, the devs, created such content, I'm perfectly fine with anything as long as credit is given where it's due.
  4. That would destroy the whole point of the mod being co-op, enjoy Free for all fragfest.
  5. or you can just get rid of ff preventing anti-fun at the cost of a stupid realism feature that doesn't really add onto the mod in any way eh we all win
  6. I am very appreciative of your concern for No More Room in Hell, thanks to your constructive criticism and well detailed analysis we can finally make the mod better.
  7. that is a lovely eyepatch I wish I had one (((
  8. Posting the SteamID won't really help you here as we have no control over the server.
  9. here's my review bad
  10. I had this game and I liked it quite a bit, the problem with global is the servers are hosted in Korea and there's tons of lag :/
  11. That is not the final boss, That was the boss of the 6th mission in the first act which is less than a fifth of the game I can guarantee this from research. I've played the pre-alpha and it was mad fun/great, has the gameplay/atmosphere *excluding the piss vision* of the original and improves on things such as hacking and augmentations etc I pre-ordered it on steam and I don't usually buy games.
  12. No more sounds in hell could definitely use this guy
  13. no samples = no profit = no bitches = no money
  14. God fucking dammit are they gonna ruin every oldschool game that I loved now, look at all those modern weapons and ironsights WHERE'S MY FUCKING CANNONBALL LAUNCHER
  15. I've decided to vote for you guys on joining the team as you've noticed Maxx and his introduction to you on the team, Just note though I'll be relentless on making sure your stuff is top quality, even though the mod's been in development for 1-2 years in reality, it's been an expected mod for several years now and we need every area in top/excellent quality, I'll be guiding you and going over your stuff and such so welcome to hell the team.