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  1. The mod in a nutshell. God i havent playied such a game with so many assholes in it since Modern Warfare 2.
  2. Your words are as empty as your soul. Mankind ill needs a savior such as you.
  3. Sturgeon's Law ''90% of everything is crud'' Therefor ''90% of WW2 games are crud'' You sir have been terminated.
  4. Just saying F'ing awesome cannot express how much i love this game. It feels like the first true batman game but i had some problems with it. First of all the vilain fights are mostly lame,secondly the whole asthetic design didnt really interest me until the later levels and finally no multiplayer :X
  5. Hai dood wuz up can i betatest tis gam ,okthkbb
  6. I tried maxx on this thing with 25 transations "maxx" ...25 translations later we get: "High" *laughs* I also tried my name. Came up with this unreadable thing "the greek dollmaker" ...26 translations later we get: "Κούκλα τσάι umiratGriekse"
  7. I made a suggestion about this months ago when i was on a different name. Basecly foundable items in game that will run out of something. The reply was no.
  8. I tried TheGreekDollmaker. This is the result '' Children in Greece '' Mother... I also tried Call of duty.Came up with ''Zone'' So yeah lets try No more room in hell.Came up with '' But hell '' Finally zombie panic became '' Zombie terror ''
  9. *Gets his rifle out* Can you repeat that again...
  10. Well...One of eskills vikings did this to hello kitty
  11. Didnt hitler ate sugar.
  12. What evil have you unleashed upon this forum...
  13. Well somebody had to do it. Couldnt resist.
  14. The only reason i use mozilla anymore is if i want to play battlefield heroes. Chrome is propably one of the best broswers of this decade in my opinion.