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    Dun worry 'bout it.
  1. Haha, you niggas didn't go to Quakecon like Ghettofaggot and I did.
  2. Also the giant Hind with "DESTROY" hovering over it, because, you know; a CoD player would forget what to do.
  3. There's this one scene in like, the second or third mission after you defeat flying black people and floating barrels in that river, where a thousand laggy child soldiers pour out at you and spray wildly until one clips you in the foot and then it's GAAAAAAAAAME OOOOOOOOBEEEEEEEER.
  5. Dun worry 'bout Korean monitors.
  6. A'ight first up nigga's is how you get dis beast rollin'. Furst you gots to bring up your command prompt, den you put in C:> Run NMRIH, den you put dat in like six more times, den you press return, den you do it again, den you put in D:> Run NMRIH, den you put dat in a few more times, den you ready to play. A'ight as you can see dis is how NMRIH should look, you got some fuckin' next gen grapfix rite dere. I mean, dat more dan 8 colors nigga, I get 13-15 FPS on average but I aint got da best computa, a nigga gotsta pay his bills yanowhatimsayin? as you can see though u got all u need, other playas health status, more dan enough room to see yo environment in the first person, yo weapons, and a compass. because dem streets can get pretty similiar yaknowwhatimsayin. also if you press M it brings up the map, ya dats right, M stands for Map. it took me awile to figure out too my nig. here dis is the map. I no I no wat ur thinkin dawg, ur tinking "But bats, dats some straight up shit rite dere, what if my computa cant handle dat shit! Niggas gotta pay his bills yo!" well I here ya, an i already tout about dat for ya cuz, lemme lay it down. you see you jus press Q to go into the menu, den you go down to game options, den game prefrences, den graphix controls, den video settings, den detail level, and you jus go down to "I BROKE NIGGA" settin, and BAM dere you go. now every one can enjoy da splender of modern gaming in no more room in heck nigga. and if you punks don't put dis shit in, I ain't payin for dis game, because i don't pay no benjamins to no punk ass bitchs.
  7. I don't need no friends nigga.

  9. CHAPTR 1: THE NIGERIAN LAMPSHADE. SCENE: MEGATON, SHACK SKYRISE, 45TH FLOOR. Clinton had just finished preforming the Nigerian Lampshade, an exotic and tantalizing sexual act in which one member finds a recently departed rodent, infects it with fly eggs, and shoves it up his rectum before they hatch so that he may deficate maggoty-poop for his lover to feast upon. "HMMM NIGGA U POOP TASTE SO CRUNCHY" Jim ejaculated. "DATS BECAUS U JUS ATE MAGGOTS U FAGGOT LOL" Clinton replied, his lips supple and wet. "OH LOL" Jim sighed. Suddenly a zombie broke down the floor and they fell and the zombie caught them because he wasn't a bad zombie and he put them down outside by the street and explained that he was just curious because he likes to explore and he found this tower and he thought it would be a fun place to have a treasure hunt, which is what he likes to do, and they all laughed and became friends and one day the zombie died because someone shot him. Fin
  10. Aite so I was brainstormin' as your batman always is, and I got ta thinkn'. Wouldn't it make sense if dey were mosquitos with Malaria AND zombe disease?!? Imagine dat yo up in some fire escape back behind some nigga's condo rite, you be blastin and blastin, kickin' zombes off dem stairs, the cries of the dying, and the screams of the damned echoing through out your haunted conscious: as your finger pulls back on the trigger, lead singing in rythem with the beat of your heart; the condemmned souls physical husks being torn asunder by your projectile absolution - A MOSQUITO GETS YOU RIGHT ON DA BACK OF THE NECK NIGGA, RIGHT THEN AND DERE. BAM, MALARIA. BIG MO STYLE NIGGA YOU JUST OUT. as u can c niga Malaria aint no picnick, not only wil ur head be poundin' like a straight pimp treatin' his hos, but you start sweatin', and dat can atract homosexual zombes (dey another idea i tell ya mo bout lata) becus dey smell yo man scent, AND u gota do realy obnoxious and time consuming, stupidly timed and gameplay impeding side quests for a church that gives you Malaria pills. Dis is da kinda realsim I wana c yo.
  11. A'ight first up is mah baby here da red ryda (lmaoooooooo it be rydin durty) i once shot me a niggah at 600 yards aganst a 30 mph wind and took dat fool down. as u can c it would putta pretty hefty beat down on a zombe aight aight settle down i no its powerful but maybe u gus can balance it out yaknowwhatimsayin hears my second idea, dis shit be tite yo. i no it aint teknicaly a wepon but Dis be da BLR-1G Battlemaster. By early 2942 the Masaryk Dynasty had mastered myomer production techniques, thanks to their proof-of-concept Konrad 'Mech, and were well on their way towards producing a workable vehicle-sized fission reactor, when the High Command of Armada Masaryk demanded a larger 'Mech in the 70-ton range. This would be a stop-gap machine and fill in a crucial gap until fission engine production could fully begin. Lessons learned in the early days of Konrad's inception (Masaryk possession of the vaunted Star League cache certainly didn't hurt matters) would help immensely during the rushed design and prototype stages of the new machine. Unlike Konrad which, throughout its long lifetime, continued to use a proven mix of industrial solenoids, hydraulics, and myomers for ambulation, Jezevec moved entirely through the use of myomers. The massive Tatra T-828, a 42 cylinder engine putting out more than 2000 horsepower and tied into a bank of heavy alternators and capacitors, provided more than enough power for these myomers. Despite all of this power, speed was not the JZ-4A's forte; it moved no faster than 54km/h on a good day. Although Jezevec shared some systems with its predecessor, mainly due to expediency, it was yet another proof-of-concept 'Mech for Armada Masaryk. An update to the excellent Catherine-FC, Catherine-FC vz. 42 (or verze 2942), was mounted as an experiment and proved fraught with errors and glitches. Despite such problems pilots of Jezevec were, as a whole, ecstatic over the revision as it allowed them to monitor the battlefield with greater efficiency than when piloting a Konrad and most of the glitches were easily overcome with experience.While it would take nearly ten years to work out all the bugs in the new system, Catherine vz. 42 would eventually be considered the best BattleMech targeting and tracking system ever produced by a Periphery nation, surpassing its vehicle predecessor. A holdover from Konrad, dual 9K4 Strela-6M 4-Packs were mounted in the right torso, giving Jezevec excellent short-ranged firepower deadly to enemy armor. For long-ranged combat the big brother to the 12K5 Astra was mounted opposite the 9K4s; a single 14K10 Astra 10-Pack provided with 12 volleys. The crowning achievement of the JZ-4A's already ample armament was the massive Brno PGb vz. 35 heavy laser slung under the right arm. While heat spikes from the weapon would often send the 'Mech into the red the PGb was a marked improvement over the PG vz. 12 in both range and energy-on-target, and gave Jezevec a hard-hitting weapon that required no ammunition. The power amplifier used for the PGb was also mounted on late model Konrads to improve energy delivery to the PG vz. 12; in this way the JZ-4A gave back to its little brother. Lack of anti-infantry weapons was considered a flaw at the time but the JZ-4A would work alongside the KR-9C and the ubiquitous Klaus medium tanks that pervaded Armada Masaryk. Unlike its so-called "little brother", Jezevec was built to resemble a human and so provided a commander with battlefield visibility; 12.5 tons of ARL 44 armor ensured that this design feature was not a mistake. One major feature of the JZ-4A was the arms and hands of the machine; not only would it be useful for combat but also for engineering and other tasks. Although some commanders in Armada Masaryk were loath to stoop so low, many welcomed the chance to perform menial labor (of sorts) in an effort to "connect" with those troops under their command. This "hands-on" aspect of the JZ-4A would endear it to the entire army. Jezevecs introduction coincided with the Habsburg November Uprising of 2942, when hidden rebel elements performed surprise strikes in several major Masaryk cities. The Habsburg counted on their propoganda to incite rebellion, but the majority of action never panned out. Only in Plzen, still contested since 2941, would major action be seen. The Habsburg had captured a few examples of Konrad in the previous year and had begun reverse-engineering the machine, but their copies were inferior in structure and could not mount the 9K4 Strela-6M. Six machines were issued to the Habsburg 190th Mechanized, an elite unit, before the Uprising and successfully integrated into their command structure. Along with the slow heavy tanks and a few medium tanks that comprised the 190th, these "copycat Konrads" were expected to capture the city of Plzen and hold it indefinitely. Although the Tabor 38th would be treated to a surprise when the entirety of the 190th entered Plzen on the eve of the November Uprising, they would not be defeated. Meeting the 190th in the confines of Plzen, the 38th and their 'Mechs, along with infantry and armor support, spent nearly three days in battle before forcibly removing the 190th and mopping up the remaining dissidents. Of the four Jezevecs two were destroyed and one required a major overhaul before being brought back into service. However, the 'Mechs had destroyed seven heavy tanks, two medium tanks, and three copycat Konrads during the battle, and the 190th was severely depleted. Masaryk planners considered the Second Battle of Plzen a major success for Jezevec. Tactical doctrine at the time of its introduction placed Jezevec in positions where it could be used for breakthrough attacks, allowing the smaller but faster Konrad to exploit such breakthroughs. It was also used in command units during its early days. During the November Uprising of 2942 Jezevec saw its share of city-fighting as well, although it did not fare as well as Konrad in such conditions. The initial run of four machines was issued to the Tabor 38th Mechanized Battalion for battlefield testing; later examples found their way into most of the units comprising Aramada Masaryk and it became instantly recognizable as a command vehicle. Overall, 45 JZ-4As would be produced, and a further 20 JZ-4B vz. 46VM would see service. A'ight nigga, I no, I no wat ur thinkin. "But Batman, dis ting is great dog, but it a bit unfair yo, like packin' an AK to a piece fight." but don wory i no jus how to fix dat, we haf boss zombes in dey own Battlemasters as boss batles. Yeh dis shit wuld be tite.
  12. As you know from the title and the name of the forum, you are looking for beta testers. I think I should help Because: - I am masturbating 24/7 -I am not a modder+skinner myself [Not a good one...] (Don't know if that has to do anything with me being a tester, but what the heck?) -I have tested a mod before . I tested sven Coop and Zombie Panic! (Both suck.) To tell the truth, I think I did a good job -I think I will be good at testing this mod because I have played many 1st person zombie shooters like Big Rigs over the danger zone racing, RealTrainSimulator 2004, Texas Hold 'em -I am very good at bringing the joy of a childs laughter to your heart. -I love doing sexually inappropriate things. -I would love to meet the staff of THE JONAS BROTHERS OMG. That's why I think You should let me be a beta tester!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Name: Batman Contact Info: Enclave Radio Applying for: Beta Tester Do I Have A Microphone?: Yes Timezone/General Location: Eastern Time US, VA, Smithfield Specs For PC: PC,Vista, HIGH graphics card,RAM=685 GB, P.S Svencoop sucks. Also, I beta-tested WWII. You can tell I did a great job because not a single gas chamber lagged out.