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  1. It was a quote from a movie. And where did my grammar go wrong Mr.Eskill? Lol.
  2. You know that guy that can pick up any chick? We'll I'm him...on crack.
  3. I've been lurking for months constantly for this SHIT?! Hahaha jkjk. Eagerly anticipating the actual release. Congratz guys on the big leaps in progress. Also, ello to everyone. Anyone remember me?
  4. Thank God! Been waiting for this!
  5. Everyday I go on here, everyday I get disappointed. Haha, I need more NMRIH!
  6. This is probably noobish, but what surgery did you recieve Maxx?
  7. I actually love Warbeast bass idea, and the riot shield one.
  8. Yeah, its new to the mod. You didnt hear?!
  9. The .577 T-Rex
  10. same thing almost happened to me. good thing i saved my password in a M$ document XD lol.
  11. If keeping the site maintained, or "writing" for the site is that time consuming, ill help. Heck, I dont have shit to do really anyways.
  12. This whole thread makes me laugh lol XD And idk, im excited for Heavy Rain to. I always loved those "choose your own adventure" flash games awhile back. So a professional one must be great
  13. Im pretty sure it's just cause he doesn't like you. XD