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  1. Joe, you're insane
  2. when maxx hates on something, he's always biased as fuck
  3. love this
  4. I bought every gta for the xbox since gta 3 I gave my xbox away to my younger nephew tho... so I'm going to have to wait for the pc version still then I'm going to wait one year till it's one sale or some shit... 50 / 60 euros for a game is just too expensive imho so gta 5 release for me = in about a year and a half woot kinda like a service problem .. hmm http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/114391-Valves-Gabe-Newell-Says-Piracy-Is-a-Service-Problem
  5. nice anecdotal evidence
  6. gross exaggeration and generalization
  7. 65% of the time, fixing a problem via rebooting works 100% of the time
  8. he said he had multiple how ever, I ran your log through the lopers error checker.. altho it didn't say much.. this did pop up and might be the problem check your gameconfig settings
  9. I don't think 'developer console' means what you think it means.
  10. back seat moderating
  11. my best guess would be 'lost reference'
  12. ah you just have to mess with the settings I looked one up quickly in my flooded map.. here is a physics prop with gibs where I have the motion disabled.. I don't know which particular setting it was so here is a pic http://puu.sh/3tttS.png http://puu.sh/3ttx7.jpg
  13. erh? I don't understand the question? you mean the texture name of the 'walking dead inspired' door model? and what do you mean with 'disabling props' ?
  14. erh I forgot.. had something to do with extending the zone just use func_safezone.. and safezone extension if you want to extend that zone in an unusual place
  15. I believe zombies still do what he's complaining about tho but it's something to look into for the future