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  1. I'm Seven Zero, official Sound Artist of FPSB :)

  2. Heard your from FPSB too. :P

  3. Map cancelled, you know why.
  4. No, but Eskill apparently does. Anyway i think i'm just gonna leave this forum, apparently everyone hates me here. Guess ill go back to the Black Mesa forum, even though i left it cuz everyone was like 10 years old there(ironic isn't it)
  5. dudeeaterkiller is a year younger then me.
  6. I bet ppl who didn't get pwned by bugs all the time enjoyed it, i had random crashes every 30 minute, got stuck in the wall, spends 5 minutes trying to get out, then when i get out it says "Did you know you can press h to hint you are stuck" But what i really liked about it was the story and the interesting missions it had. and another thing; Damn it give it a break man! I still think Half-Life 1 is one of the best games ever.
  7. Ok if you think if it that way, i dunno i always pictured they threw it to the ground after reloading. I think they do that in Rainbow 6 vegas 2 too, there it doesn't say how many bullets you have left, just how many mags you have. Because i am used to reloading when ever i get the chance i always run out of ammo early in the game.
  8. Ok, i give up. One last try though it will properly just increase my stupid meter. I have 1 gun with 3 mags, each mag has 10 bullets(total: 30 bullets), i load one mag into the gun. then i fire 1 bullet, then i reload, the person takes out the mag and throws it to the ground, and puts in a new one shouldn't the 9 bullets left in the mag disappear too, so that i now after reloading only have 20 bullets left, though in a game it would say i just lost one bullet after reloading.
  9. Most shooters these days have a very fucked up reloading system, in most games you do not see how many magazines you have left, but how many bullets you have. Now theres the problem when reloading you don't take out your mag and put bullets in the half, empty mag. You put in a brand new one. right? So are you going to have reload system in number of bullets or just magazines.
  10. OMG, he's got red eyes... HE'S A ZOMBIE
  11. Not to start the what game again but where did you get that from?
  12. Relax, there's plenty of other ppl on this forum that's even younger then me.
  13. Haven't you played Half-Life, if theres one thing i learned from that game it's never press the button on a microwave too many times.
  14. This me under some school trip a year ago.
  15. Got Bioshock though i didn't like it, too old graphics.