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  1. Lmao no worries whats done is done
  2. I just it quote I didn't even see that tbh and im afraid you did not see any gun in crisis maybe it might look like it but I do not steal models. Thank You: Slymi
  3. Im waiting for Max to get back to me when he gets home and ill send him the Screens and perhaps even the files as well thank you for that site it might come in handy. Cheers.
  4. No the I-Phone is Bight games lmao go here for more info on Other Ocean http://www.otherocean.com Bight games is for I Phone anyways I'm Waiting for you to add my msn which is dev_slymi@live.ca so I can send you the file/s anyways if you would like me to upload them again on Image shack and don't want me to re size them I can do that too. P.S I love the Filter XD: go here for I Phone Aka My Cock http://www.bightgames.com/Home.html P.S.S I'm Curently work on my Site So When Ièm done Ill post a Link on here for You all to see thank you in advance P.S.S.S If for some reason I am not chosen for A DEV Position Im still interested on being a Beta Tester and or a Contributor.
  5. Hey man those are really good Mhm Dear I ask him to create myself one . Meh Maybe Later And again good job Slower Is Better . . . . Trust ME I'm A Dr. Good Old Dr. Dre Dr. Pepper Adds
  6. Here is a quick look at my Textured Artwork. Thank You. Theres the proper link http://img7.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=ace21h.jpg Your Friend: Slymi Edit: Surfa It is really easy once you get used to it I used to be the same but I use different colors to represent different polys and/or shapes etc. That's the only reason why I do it.
  7. My cock games lmao I don't know what you mean and yes I will upload a Image that i textured I just had issues uploading it today ill send another link
  8. Love the site man I'm looking to get my own site up and running I love your template did you pay for it or was it free just looks very good imo I'm hoping to get hired on here to as a Modeler and/or Level design but If I do not get chosen it is ok I;ll still be here and I might apply to become a Tester wish me luck. And again great looking site and portfolio I need to get my site up lol any who good job I wish you all the best now and on in your future. Take Care and god bless. Your Friend: Slymi
  9. Thread Name: 2D/3D Modeler Hi, my name is: Slymi I am applying to be a: 2D/3D Modeler I have done 2D/3D Modeling for awhile now and I'm currently work for Other Ocean Interactive as a Game Artist. I am going to attend Holland College for the Game Art & Design Program in 2011 Or 2012, Due to saving up the money while I work for Other Ocean Interactive. Here is our site. http://www.otherocean.com, I'm also working for Project Reality as a DEV for the French Forces Faction Development. Thought I would add that as well. I'll also send you the link to some of my work I have been having trouble getting my other models uploaded onto Image Shack And I'm soon going to create a Domain for myself to advertise my Abilities but until then here is what I can do. http://img17.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=galil.jpg You can contact me on Xfire At: mpxofficer Or Steam: Slymi Thanks for considering my application! Your Friend: Slymi Edit: Steam Username: Slymi