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  1. Heres something I've thought about before... Initial Hours: Gather immediate supplies. Household weapons, food & water, Maps, clothes, cell phone, etc. Gathering time : About 1 hour before threat is immediate ( I live away from main part of town.) Initial Inventory: (Things from my House) Primary Weapon: Crowbar Secondary weapon: Hammer (in case of close encounters) Support: sturdy military knife (I collect Military stuff) Outfit: Camo hoodie over a light under armor t-shirt. Some kind of gloves. Olive green cargo pants with lots of pockets. a web gear belt with a drop leg Dump pouch and a tactical butt pack. ( Airsoft related, but the gear is worthy). Kneepads , and zipper combat boots. Large blackHawk backpack, with built in hydration pouch. (alternate outfit) MarPat digital cammies, boonie hat, and same gear.Belt holster and backpack ( airsoft ) Food: Sammiches canned stuff (spaghetti o's anyone?) a few cans couple Bottled waters and a hydration pack full of water ( from the collecting) Power bars / granola Gatorade powder mix Other stuff: Maps of town and surrounding towns. Road maps , and whatever land maps I can find and print. Extra clothes ( you never know right?) Digital Camera ( again, never know) Cell Phone ( in the case that it will work for at least some amount of time) Binoculars or rifle scope ( for long distance spotting and what not) Escape plan : Vacation of My House because threat has arrived or is imminent. 1. Plan my safe haven. I know of a few nearby public facilities that could suffice as a temporary place of peace. 2. Get Family out and send them to the location and tell them to lock it up. ( I'm sure they would want me with them , but there are things i would have to do first , and the way we get along, survival would be a serious problem if they were with me. I believe i would be better by myself. ) 3. Contact nearest friends and inform them of the location. 4. Go to nearest and get some damn guns and ammo. ( .22's , 9mm, and .308's. Anything that fires these common rounds would be fine by me. ) 5. Gather some more food, and medicine for the "safehouse" 6. Get back to the safe house and await news, plan an escape route and new location just in case. I'd pretty much wait it out in this location to see what kind of plans arise for the "authorities" , if location is compromised , move to a new one and plan for next steps. At some point ( this being the apocalypse and all) I would attempt to head to the center of the us, all those wide open fields. I would try to find a place to call a home and teach myself (and whatever followers) to become self sufficient . Find a woman, settle down and well survive as long as I could.
  2. Thirded.
  3. Very Cool. Nice work on the sword.