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    I'm interested in Graphic Design, ive been working with photoshop at home for about 5 years and now im actually taking classes for graphic design in college.<br /><br />Playing games, ive been playing fps games since delta force and the first few rainbow six games for pc. I think gaming will always be somewhere in my heart.<br /><br />and basketball, i like to play it, and i like to watch it.
  1. woot, im digging the menu theme the most. but they're all pretty sick, definitely puts me in the mood to kill some zombies
  2. you have made my day xD
  3. i didn't read the story yet, but that concept art with the kids is really awesome. If theres gonna be children zombies that would be awesome. not that i hate kids or anything, its just you don't see it a lot.
  4. that crawler looks sick.... literally
  5. lol the main reason for this thread was the l4d videos that we make but its turning into an anime party
  6. heh, everyone has their own anime site. i tried getting into manga on mangafox but no go for me.
  7. lol why not?
  8. Hey, just wanted to share some of my l4d videos. were called ZOMG L4D A Group started by me from a anime forum called zomganime he asked around for people that played left 4 dead and if they wanted to make videos with him and it all started off with kaboose, jerseyse, silverstone, and devour. soon after more people from zomganime started to join. A lot of people compare us to Kilplixism, you guys prob know about them, but to be honest were not trying to copy them or anything, just doing our own thing. here is the link to the channel for the latest video we've made http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkxWolf and heres a playlist to all the l4d videos that we've made for a easier access http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=90...h_query=zomgl4d our custom map episodes are the most popular so check those out first if you want to. hope you guys enjoy it, thx for watching. ps, i hope this isn't advertising or anything i just want to share my videos
  9. the black and white one looks a lot better.
  10. Woo weekly update. keep it up guys those are some bad ass looking zombie models
  11. i don't play a lot of other racing games but for need for speed. the trailer for this game was sick. im gonna try and get this game.
  12. interesting lol im surprised someone used it to draw something. no offense
  13. what do you guys think?
  14. I got a question, is it alright if i post my l4d videos on the forum? or would that be considered advertisement. i just don't want to do anything wrong without asking first.

  15. wow, this is pretty neat, i could do this all day with some music playing