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  1. This is one of the most gorgeous map i have ever played. Map has great atmosphere and is very well modelled (great fantasy and idea). Unfortunately, there are few things which are annoying for me: 1) Grate welding in your shelter. 2) Shitload of guns at start, but it's not useful, when you cannot receive ammo through your journey. How about reduce gun count in your shelter and respawn some in map? (Around dead bodies). Along with ammo. 3) Too many zombies, its very difficult to play. It affects game performance. 4) Maze with radiation barrels. I didn't get that part of map. 5) More meeles even in shelter! It comes with point 2). This map should be part of 1.10 official map pack.
  2. In this game is an AK? Where?
  3. Liek that fryed thing.
  4. I like this. BUT this mod requiers special kind of maps probably.. More open and with less zombies. Because try this mod in infestated Broadway's streets is crazyness and frustrating, even for hardcore players i think.
  5. Why FN FAL ingame uses .308 Win? Because it is civilian counterpart to military 7.62x51 NATO cartridge and this isn not military FN FAL, but civilian, semiautomatic clone. And this clones uses civilian .308 WIN, because 7.62x51 NATO is not in gunshops portfolio (i have never found it in offer, i buy .308 win everytime). Well, FN FAL is ugly gun in real life. Its "west made AK". Sturdy, cheap and reliable. And right hand of free world. EDIT: I want one in the future. More common and cheaper than bulky H&K G3. And i am reloading .308 WIN
  6. This game is pointed to be "realistic" I remember promise in 2010, maybe where was headshot instant kill for all guns, no cure for infection. And now? Its balanced for fun. Still, this gun-ammo changing is horrible. Btw, using 9mm Luger in Makarov with blowback action is pure suicide attempt.
  7. So, what are you waiting for... Let turn on your animation stuff... :-D M1 Garand is scumbag rifle... I hate ejected clips in my face. Still smoother bolt operation than Heckler&Koch G3.
  8. Italian versions of M1 Garand are produced in .308 Winchester. My friend have one. Its just normal Garand with different round chamber and has ammo clip for .30-06 which is improved in back for shorter .308 Win. However, i would love to see .30-06 ingame.
  9. I would change spawn of revolver behind spawn location doors... In spawn add possibility to spawn either glock, beretta and M1911A1 too.
  10. NMRIH has too much calibers, should be decreased (many of them are redundant, because they are exactly same). 22 LR, 9mm .357 Magnum, .223 Rem and .308 win, 12 gauge will be enough. I saw Mosin Nagant converted to .45-70.... I would like to see: Ruger PC9 CZ 452 Glock 43 Ruger LCP or something like that Small revover like LCR. Springfield M1A1 (civil version of M14) Ruger Mini14 some one shot break action rifle... Ehm, not a Ruger brand commercial...
  11. Cuz army instructions, because F1 is still in our army. F1 are in storage without fuses, the UZRGM fuses are packed separately (plombed in hermetic cans). So UZRGM is screwed in, just before use. When you leave it fall naked before screwing in, you are probably seriously hurt by fuse fragments. UZRGM means "Univerzální zapalovač ručních granátů modernizovaný" - Universal ignitor of hand grenades modernised...
  12. Grenade fuses are very sensitive. I dont know about M67 fuses, but UZRGM fuses used in F1 grenades explode after fall when hit the ground. When are fuses put in F1 grenade body, its safe already, but "naked" fuse is very dangerous and sensitive. So, its possible. Like this idea btw.
  13. Actually, i made map, in fictional FEMA headquarter training center for new recruits. But it was very close to half life training and it was cancelled. Second problem is how control some features, like checking ammo by script.
  14. I mean many players dont text a guide and they are not able to properly use some items ingame, like FEMA bags, or skill shot mode, etc... Why game does not contain some "single player" training, just like TF 2, or Half life?
  15. So, do dev team something against game ruining modifications, like unlimited ammo, or something others, that destroy the main reason of game-intense of survive? Some kind of Valve anticheat, or blocking a possibility to modify a gamefiles. Why are not servers protected by Valve anticheat?