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  1. Hello, I'm MrCJ - you might know me on Steam as Guessy/Guessmyname - applying for a position as prop modeller. I've worked previously as a beta tester with the Jailbreak: Source and GraviNull teams and as a modeller for Nightmare House 2; I'm currently about to start my third year studying Games Art in September (which may mean my productivity will do a spectacular nosedive). I have several years of experience with the Source Engine, can model, texture, rig and create basic animations (I have to emphasise the 'basic' part). I also have experience with the Hammer editor (I was a mapper before I was a modeller, if you see what I mean), and can create maps, build unique models that are designed to fit in with map geometry and create complex I/O sequences such as Jailbreak Source's King of the Hill game mode, which was built entirely in Hammer I/O. I've also mucked around quite extensively with the Source Engine's material system in the past. In University, we mostly focused on the Unreal Engine and Unity, but at least I can bake out proper normal maps now. Portfolio and that: Nightmare House 2 Working on NH2 is what actually started getting me bringing models into the Source engine; starting out with some very bad and broken models, to finished pieces and fully rigged, randomised zombies. And all the inevitable problems along the way. I joined fairly late in the project, so most of the custom models in NH2 are not actually mine. I was, however, responsible for 'zombifying' the citizen models and making the bodygroups for randomisation, making the fast and 'riot' zombies (the latter is actually another citizen edit), the mannequins, and made numerous hospital props. I also modelled the Core and final elevator. Weapons and the SWAT were not done by me, and all level design was the mad genius of Hen7. The Zombies - With the exception of the fast zombie replacement, these are all in some way edits of existing HL2 models, split into bodygroups for easy randomisation. The Mannequins - A custom model with two skins, featuring that 'internal flesh effect' shader used on Alyx in Episode 2. We call him Dave. Enter The Dave - a never fully completed 'secret' minilevel I made for NH2 (the one in the Lost Files was heavily fixed up by Hen) Jailbreak Source I was a beta tester, who also created a few of the Community Maps. The King of the Hill gamemode was created by me out of entity I/O in Hammer, and I built another gamemode map on request in celebration for one of our members' birthday. Once made an entire map in a week (which I am never doing again). KOTH_Thrones - prototype King of the Hill map KOTH_Shrinehold - the 'one week map' BDAY_Cliffhanger - the birthday map, with a custom 'Capture the Prezzie' gamemode Gravinull I did a lot of odd jobs in GraviNull; modelling, mapping and beta testing. All the 'grapple point' models were done by me (this is also where the 'basic animations' part creeps in), as was the Laserblender map. HZ_Laserblender Hotel Atlantis A failed project on my own that relied a little too heavily on being able to learn C++ simply by bashing my head on the HL2 source code. Spoilers: I can't. Made a lot of assets though (this is where the 'mucked around with the materials system' came in).