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  2. Oh wow mod even changed my post. You know what I'm out of here, for many reasons you're like VALVe, you make the first HALF-LIFE 2 zombie mod and never release it. I bet every single one of you are queers. Fuck all of you I'm way better then everyone here combined and I hope your mod fails, OH WAIT IT DID!!
  3. I wouldn't buy them, but I do watch them all. Bought the game however.
  4. Yeah, it's now just about unbelieveable amounts of gore and blood and ginormous amounts of language with no plot and fake boobies. Once in a blue moon will a film other then that get released and it still sucks. Only films I've come across that are good (and bought) after '03 are Max Payne (Underrated because people really didn't pay very close attention to the game) Land of the Dead (Shut it, I'm like Remero I don't care how terrible it was I see zombie I get boner P.S. it must be a Remero zombie.) Shawn of the Dead (Need I say more?)
  5. *eye twitches*
  6. The big deal is that an overrated film that didn't offer anything in the first place is now like everyother shit film made today. Films have really gone down hill since 2003.
  7. This is real. A sex scene between Jake Sully in his avatar and Neytiri was shot, but not included for the film in order to secure a PG-13 rating. However, the scene will be included for the DVD. http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2010/01/06/av...x-scene-on-dvd/ http://ibnlive.in.com/news/deleted-avatar-...d/108363-8.html
  8. "God this GAME is hard!" No, now it's fix-wait...FUCK!!
  9. You seriously didn't get that? "God this MOVIE is hard."
  10. Hardest games I've played are: Midnight Nowhere (PC, Strategy/Adventure/Horror/Survival) Point-and-click, but hard as Hell. The Thing (X-Box, Action/Horror/Shooter) Got ammo? OF COURSE NOT!! Kane & Lynch - Dead Men (PC, Action/Adventure/Shooter) Need ammo? FUCK YOU!! S.W.A.T. 4 (PC, Action/Shooter) Move slow, really slow...really REALLY slow. The Matrix: Path of Neo (X-Box, Action/Sci-Fi/Shooter) Run out focus you die. DooM II: R.P.G. (CellPhone game, Action/Shooter) One hit, two hit, three hit you're dead! Wolfenstien: R.P.G. (CellPhone game, Action/Shooter) One hit, two hit you're dead! Resident Evil: Uprising (CellPhone game, Action/Shooter/Horror) Sure it's R.E. 2 in phone version...but you get lost easy and no map! ZombiLand (CellPhone game, Action/Comedy/Movies/Horror) Six-teen zombies, three shots and four hit frying pan. Fists? Yeah right. Sims 3 (CellPhone game, Strategy/Sim) Use firdge, repair. Use toilet, clean. Go to work, get hit by car on way home. Edit: Forgot one: Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3, Movie/Film) God, this movie is hard to play.
  11. Don't know, he said the old stuff would be ported over soon.
  12. I loled.
  13. After many months the new update is released. I said I would bump when it was.