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  1. holy shit dude, i had the exact same idea in my head a while ago, it would make a truly awesome mod
  2. in br's defense, that's kind of a crude generalization, br kids begged me for games on steam before, but so did people from other countries. me and my friends do buy games for each other, but it's usually when we're buying a co-op game and one of us can't pay for it at the moment, so he usually pays back the one who bought it a while after
  3. now somebody needs to make some theories on Hellroom
  4. they should empty your bowels, that would be scarier
  5. hunters, "sleeping zombies", and zombies that seem like they're dead but they're not would be good features players are ALWAYS more afraid of getting scared than dying, when you die it's just your character, but when you get scared it's you also, i have a suggestion, how about adding objectives that make the situation worst, for example: Lets say your objective is finding a battery and powering something up to make progress in the map, but the battery is already being used at an energy station or something like that, and when you take the battery, the whole city goes dark. By doing that you made progress, but the game gets harder and potentially scarier
  6. adding features that aren't really related to the game(ghosts and all) is not necessary, games don't need all of that to be scary, they just need to make good use of elements adding real horror to nmrih would be simple because the people who play this game aren't really expecting a scary game, and surprises is really what scares people for example, when i played dead space, i constantly awaited for something to jump in my face and try to make me shit myself, and by doing that, i didn't get one scare in the entire game however, in the ravenholm map in half life 2, i got some scares, even though the zombies weren't really scary, and i had a lot of ammo and guns, i simply wasn't expecting anything scary, i was just waiting for a random action scene with zombies, and maybe that's what nmrih players are expecting as well also, Amnesia works differently, it is made to rape anyone who plays games like dead space always expecting something (like me), because it makes you absolutely sure something is going to jump at any second, but it doesn't, and it keeps repeating that until you are mentally exhausted, and then it scares the shit out of you tl:dr version: Make players think they are secure when they're actually not
  7. was that an attempt to post a screenshot or you were just trying to show how much you love cum?
  8. while i do believe there should be something else to do other than the spectator mode, it should be optional, sometimes it's good to keep spectators on like earlier today when i was playing with a friend and we were using skype, we were on chinatown and soon my friend died, so to make it a bit "easier" he would inform me where useful stuff were or what way should i take to get to objectives without having to face many zombies, it felt kinda of like a commander giving tasks to a soldier and guiding him out of that situation and it was kinda cool, or course it was only in my imagination and that probably doesn't happen on bigger servers
  9. i can't see how that would work considering how much a game lasts
  10. you can finish a map alone if you play like that, but then it's just fucking boring.
  11. cabin you can finish alone, broadway is for about 2-4 people, and chinatown is the hardest one so far
  12. it certainly is the easiest map so far, it's the only map i can finish alone
  13. it was fucking great, i started playing with a friend in attic, i got infected by the first zombie that appeared, got tked accidentaly by my friend, he got scared when my dead corpse got up and wasted all his ammo on it, and then got killed by a kid, the second zombie to appear.