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  1. Yea and change as many weapons as you can with Counter-Strike weapons haha
  2. What about weapons skins and sounds? Im not sure but I think it shouldn't be harder than maps (if it was made like TF2's weapons skins installation http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Skins ) steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom The custom folder acts like the regular /tf folder Example: To install skins you simply do /tf/custom/RandomFolderName/Materials (where the texture go) /tf/custom/RandomFolderName/Models (obviously the model) And then the games simply loads the model and material from that folder (The model is named after a weapon that is already in the game, that way it knows which weapon to replace) Same goes for sound or even animations, that way you never replace the original files and you can have custom sounds / weapons skins or models / animations or w/e you want Oh just for mods just got an idea, ever played Call Of Duty 4? There was a "mod" option in the menu and it would launch the selected mod, the game then knows you are in a mod named something and then when you would join a server if it isnt in the mod you are in it would re-launch the game into the regular game if it was a game without mod or would download the new mod and launch you game with that mod activated. Of course I know all that is lots of work, doesn't have to be made like for tommorow, just saying it would be fun to see those features come later
  3. I can read and I do understand what I read and Im saying that the player SHOULDN'T get heal at the end of wave only cured simply because there are things to heal yourself within the game while you CAN'T cure yourself without dying.
  4. I hope it will be more like Skyrim' steam workshop than Team Fortress 2 where you have to wait for the things to be selected by the dev and then included in the game. In Skyrim' workshop you can select what you like download them and just go play with your new mods installed and then the top 3 or something like that could be made official or w/e
  5. Actually it is not, it talks about healing the player with the 2nd token and all that thingy which I dont think is needed since there are first aid, bandage and those "medic crate". I think he should only be cured since it is the only thing he cannot do permanently (until he gets infected again of course) with items within the game (at least yet) while bleeding can be stopped with bandages
  6. Ah at least somebody that understand what the steam workshop is
  7. Is it going to have steam workshop for custom content like maps / weapons / characters ,etc.
  8. Weapons used as a bat would do less damage than a fire axe... making melee weapons more wanted when you dont have any ammo left
  9. What about if you have a token at the end of a wave and you are infected instead of killing yourself to respawn simply cure him... or drop a supply crate with a cure / pills to go get
  10. Bandage for your hand could prevent infection so Im totaly for that bandage fist
  11. Also being able to use first aid / bandage or even pills by aimming at them and pressing a button while they are not in your inventory would be good, hate to have to drop my weapon to take them and then take back the weapon. EDIT: With a little time bar that fills (like when you wield) so it is not instant when it isnt in your inventory
  12. I do agree with you, but it is their game so can't really argue with them right? Kind of like the SKS bayonet execpt maybe it could impale multiple zombies together and you would lose the musket upon doing it (since it would get stuck in those dead zombies)
  13. What about just having a random player in the team to spawn as a "rebel" and only him knows it, he can either decide to be friendly and not attack the others or turn others into rebels (which could be spotted somehow and found hostile) rebels would objective would be different from the other part of the humans, for example it could be to sabotage the generator or things like that.
  14. Agree with him, got stuck in a big horde and wished I could've distracted them.
  15. Being able to replace the weapon with the newly found with more ammo would be good I think