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  1. haven't find any new tunes to toss your way yet :/
  2. rip

    give it time
  3. i feel ya man. it always blows my mind when you run into people who don't care for any kind of music. we are different beasts at that point.
  4. I've always had trouble getting into punk music or political music in general. Same with thrash oddly enough too. Partially because of the people that listened to it around me coming up, you either have shitless layabouts who just want to party and be irresponsible or you have overly serious, 'can't have fuckin fun around them because everything is a issue that needs to constantly be fought for' type of people. I hear what you're sayin though about learning an artist's ideology being a turn off. I have the opposite problem where i could care less about the artist as a person, i tend to separate the creator from the creation. A person is often too flawed for me to get behind based solely on the merit of their creations. Even if i feel a deep connection with the work, like 'this person really gets it', it still won't make me feel closer to them as a person. I like art just because it's a lil slice of fresh perspective and insight and sure knowing more about the creator helps one decipher the true meanings of the art but at the same time i often don't care about the message being pushed by them, i care about what it evokes in me, what meaning i find. On a somewhat related note, i feel similar about quotes/ideas, like if a real piece of shit human being said something true, it remains true, even though the person who said it is garbage. A child raised in a sick environment more than likely becomes a mentally sick child in some way and in turn lashes out at their environment in various manners. their art is a reflection of them dealing with that environment and often has insights about their struggles, but it is the art of the struggle you relate with more than the being that created it. I think a lot of the 'sickness' in the world stems from a fundamental lack of understanding of humans as animals first and foremost. Too many people in survive mode, focused on the animal part of their brain (feed, fuck, fight/flight, self preservation, applications of will to maintain a domain) and not enough people understanding themselves and what controls them. You only truly have control over 1 person in this life and you're gonna allow yourself to have masters? internal ones no less. ones capable of being destroyed. people cool with being led around by their compulsions are no different than animals to me, animals with iphones.
  5. My lady used to get busted dancing and singing all the time when she managed a movie theater, cleaning up after a movie and singing with credit music and shit and not realizing people are still in there. I have the bizarrely destructive/aggressive nature to lean into that shit..i'll dance in the middle of a fuckin meeting alongside a video of me dancing like an asshole to illustrate my shamelessness. Fuck em, they're gonna think what they want anyways...so dance! Listening to some old White Zombie while I work. Those middleschool/early highschool years. Punk and Thrash were never my thing musically, but they are more my wheel house socially...except political punks. Preachy people and zealots of any ilk aren't for me,regardless of their intentions. I think i got into female metal/alt bands just after the riot grrrl movement, when shit like L7, 7 Year Bitch, Hole, Babes in Toyland, etc were coming out. There really aren't a ton of ladies out there screaming like they don't give a fuck up anymore, which is a shame. I always dug that 'jesus christ she's damaged and gonna hurt someone' vibe. Some Alice in Chains-esque Swedish ladies i've seen in concert My current musical pendulum is swinging back towards metal. I needed some time away from it. I start to get in these weird modes when it's just 24/7 death/black metal, horror movies, the fucking news and violent video games. Where it stops being cathartic and the old cloak of misanthropy is suddenly draped across my shoulders again. Like , "fuck...here again?". Hating people is easy, trying to understand these fuckers is something else entirely. People have always made me feel like an alien...the shit they choose to get upset about...or care about...i just don't get it. For a few months now it's been pretty much nothin but subpop and hiphop and i feel like my breath of fresh air has been achieved and it's now time to head back to the murky depths where i belong...for a while.
  6. Penguins are rad lil dudes. Does this mean you'll have a deeper connection with the 'penguin slide' scene from Fight Club? Playin.tha.shit.outta.this!
  7. I dunno if the cynical part of my brain'll ever die (or die down). My whole programming is built on mistrust, but I know I can handle what anyone dishes out so I don't mind lowering the walls. People can't hurt me if I don't allow them to hurt me. Betrayal is an expectation I don't announce because I have no desire pushing a self fulfilling prophecy. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, then color me surprised.
  8. Keep the bar for expectations centered around people low, then ya don't gotta get disappointed when they turn out to be idiots. you knew they were more than likely gonna be, but hey, you gave them a chance right? My lady enjoys the "American Werewolf in..." movies, I'm still waiting on something to come out that hits like The Howling did. I had a similar mis-remembering, showing some gents the old Bank of America robbery out in CA in the 90s. I could swear I remember seeing footage of them getting shot at and you could see the bullets falling off of their body armor the first time I saw it when I was in class in high school. I did remember pretty clearly watching one of them kill themselves on tv though. Don't see that shit everyday in school.
  9. Continuing my journey inward, tryin to understand myself (and my motivations) better, in hopes of becoming who i feel i am intended to be, one step at a time. Tryin to be patient with others, despite how hard they make it some times. Trying to listen to more shit that keeps me calm, I still enjoy metal, but it's use as a cathartic device is dulling over time, my anger along with it. Almost done with my personal project, ya'll might dig it. A lil hybrid book/comic book, this particular one is a story about infidelity and werewolves(...not infidelity amongst werewolves though).
  10. i'll throw your butt away guy! murry xmas ye whose souls still wander
  11. rip

    how does this make you feel?