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  1. That was good, Maxx enjoys his beat downs, also love the dramatic ending there.
  2. It's a terribad thing
  3. I got people on TS that speak all of those languages (and more) they are all in their late 20s and mid 30s so it wont sound like little whelps trying to speak. When do you want this? P.S. Do you need female voices too?
  4. Killin the dream Sick Joe... just killin the dream!
  5. I like the welder helmet idea, we need to see some more 'blue collar' zombies out there. Also we all know the kid zombies are stronger than the normal ones lets not fool each other
  6. I love the idea of the nailgun, considering its more of a pain inflicting tool (known enough people to fall victim to it) I would recommend it acts more as a momentary stun similar to knock back or shoving the zombies. Also the 1 shot weapons (pool cue, 2x4, etc) would be great in the same effect of just 'buying' that moment of time... or in some of our cases that comical effect of whacking a zombie with a really ineffective weapon.
  7. Actually that's not a bad idea actually
  8. random thought, although not personally supported for the feel of NMRiH, you could have genetically altered animals of monsterous proportions that were 'let loose' which have no actual relation to the virus itself (just lack of containment due to the utter chaos of the scenario) More so as a random nuisance and 'oh FFS factor'. This idea was fueled by a random dream I had on the weekend stuck in highrise apartment building with Maxx attempting to escape zombies (possible spoiler )
  9. I always disarmed them and took the ammo in Fallout
  10. scripted animations like that are more tuned for single player experiences to be honest, however certain things like the sounds and off to the side constants, like the barricaded door with zombies banging on the other side that has been used, work well. When you are with others its difficult to get that FEAR intensified effect from those other elements. Scariest thing I can think of from my multiplayer history would be playing Duke Nukem 3D on Xbox with a group of friends and have the one bot player on max difficulty on the space station level (tracking that fucker via cameras and setting up trip wires in the hallways while barricading your buddies and yourself in one section was tense... especially when he popped up out of nowhere or you could hear him stuck in a vent spamming the use button.)
  11. such a waste of a good gun, not sure of many players opting to donate a gun for said one shot trap. I like the mindset of this thread so far. Bear traps would be commonplace on maps such as cabin as opposed to finding such things in say China Town. As for the team killing issue, generally since most things in NMRiH are designed to be done in a team aspect, really if people are dying to said traps I find that common sense comes into play and communication even to the point of "dont use that hallway its rigged." If they do, well Darwin did have a theory... To add into all this a good idea would be limited delays to zombie advances through traps (i.e firebomb traps that turn a hallway into a temporary inferno for a length of time to buy the survivors some time to do their thing, and similar things)
  12. This happens from time to time. The problem with scoring systems is it detracts the players from the team play aspect of the match and people start to concern themselves more with personal performance over cooperation. However games like BF2BC did a good job of removing focuses on kill counts and instead were rewarding scoring based on supporting actions (spotting, repairing, etc) I'm not sure with our current actions in game how we could measure those things. Personally I find it more fun just shouting at each other and recalling memorable moments in the match over kill counts... or why shotguns and container mazes with a group never end well.
  13. NMRiH focuses on scenario realism. There are no scoreboards.
  14. We should just add the ability to get a job, a mating system, raise a dynasty, manufacture our weapons by bartering resources with each other (hoping that someone chooses a patron class) and then sell our weapons on an established marketplace in the middle of Chinatown, while at the same time ensuring we maintain our offspring so that they can pick up arms for us when our main dies.