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  1. So I just started digital painting about 3 weeks ago after I got a tablet and now whenever I'm on my laptop I just have to try and draw somthing..... So I still suck quite badly but here is my first reasonably welldone drawing. So....... anyoneelse draw or know any good tips? Remember..... ONLY NICE WORDS
  2. Quess what I'm working on heres the reference photo anyone know what car that is? Cause I ahev no idea...
  3. I am asking that you please Un-Ban If I had insulted you in anyway or had come of wrong I am sorry. After reading I saw that you said I had seemed like a smartass I am sorry I came off this way and promise to not comeoff this way again. -Note this is the only way I could get any sort of communication through and I am sorry if it has caused any sort of problems. - Note my previous name was Havikk
  4. I have had relatives in the military all the way back to the Civil War. I can not beleave the audasity of these people. I beleave they shouldnt be shot but rather tied to a table and eaten by 3 rats. I see nothing wrong with taking a bag of bricks to these peoples faces... Not to mention my dad went to Iraq for four months. AND My uncle went to Iraq What was it like 9 times he got divorced because of this. And my Cousin was a countracter got his arm blown off and is now braindead. My great grandfather was shot 3 times in WWII. Not to mention my brother is inlisting into the Air Force soon and he might be deployed.