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    It's all about THA GAIMZ
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  2. Sorry guys just got back from playing the beta, some of the best gameplay ever, man. Edit: Don't know why it was a reply to Rev, guess meds wearing off.
  3. Haha, yeah I saw those in Riley's new video and had sexy times with myself....lots of sexy times...
  4. Will you be able to find food to heal you? Bigger food objects mean more HP? Hunger System perhaps?
  5. Update on mah birthday ....Nice rape van of rape. And free candy.
  6. Pitchfork. and a gardening scythe or sickle thingy, goodbye zombie head.
  7. Haha shit...hokay
  8. Idk if you guys would like this one but, here it goes. Well by different flashlights i mean like you start off with a not so bright, little craplight, as you move along you could find a military grade flashlight, but it might take up a little more space in your inventory. So on with more bigger better lights
  9. Walker's eyes scare the shit outta me, wait...NO EYEZ/AKALDBAWD
  10. lol taze zombies face
  11. Tricy, all of your weapon ideas have to do with some big ass modderfuckin 10,000 cal epic load of shit. sep that drill, the game is about SURVIVAL, drill that into your head.
  12. I dunno if this would work but....Stun gun? eh eh? you could find one off of a dead cop or sum shit.
  13. No eknytz no
  14. Mp9 ftw ^ ^ ^ but it's just a tmp with no silencer