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  1. i cant run hl2 minimum past gman talking
  2. (sorry if this has been asked before) will there be climbing animations for ladders and rope? cause in css you just float everywhere same thing with water,will there be water at all and if so will there be a swimming animation.
  3. You like trade marks don't you?
  4. I think the penguins keep the mod alive.
  5. like these features your adding and taking account of sounds much better then any other zombie game any day, just hope i can run it with my 200$ comp.
  6. i tried hammer all i seem to make is the floor and when i bring out the block tool again and try and make a wall but that removes the floor so yeah i need to find an uber newb step by step tut on it. but anyways what do run hammer to to make it should the engine version be the orange box and game be half life 2 ep 1? i cant run the orange box engine sadly but i made a little spawn shed on hl 2 ep 1 engine
  7. if it had shrapnel it would prolly be lots of little models flying fast around the screen(props do like 50 damage if hit lightly in gmod so i assume the same here) causing prop-kill mayhem unless the shrapnel was an effect then its a possibility
  8. you mean like melee?
  9. i don't know how anyone could just find a nade in a house so if they were in game they would be scarce as hell in my opinion
  10. but would make sense to have some bear traps set up to protect them from zombies i mean like really
  11. it would be cool if you just threw a few random dead people who tried to fight the zombies getting eaten that is if your adding it.
  12. it's from l4d O_____o???? i don't realize how everything is from l4d
  13. that is basicly what i was asking THANK YOU but when i wrote this i was basicly thinking more of a movie then a game lol...
  14. will this game contain objectives to comlpete a (level/map/story i have no idea how its gonna be set up) or just to get to the end and get rescued.