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  1. Good stuff, good stuff, the forum wide prediction of a halloween release was right. I'm actually excited! Also, the trailer music was excellent, it feels sad in a melancholic way, ominous, and full of dreadful feelings of imminent danger. I love the progressive feeling of it.
  2. From this last explanation, I think I understand, so congratulations! You worded it successfully in layman's terms! I'm going to assume that understand now since it makes sense to me, And I'm going to say that I agree with this suggestion.
  3. I'm still waiting for my fire-proof firefighter zombies, chest damage proof kevlar vest wearing zombies, blunt head damage resistant hardhat / faceshielded / bicycle helmet wearing zombies, zombies that spawn on fucking fire, zombies covered in a flammable or even explosive substance! barbed-wire tangled zombies that cause bleeding when they strike you! Slow almost invulnerable bomb suit zombies, parapalegic, amputee or heavily damaged crawling zombies. Muscular heavy hitting zombies. Not to mention light sensitive albino zombies! Fuck all the bitches! come on, we need more zombie combat diversity! it's all realistic so far, right?
  4. Dynamic animated spawns are what I believe to be a hl2 mod's wet dream, I've personally never seen it done before on a source engine mod. I might post an overarching suggestion page with little nit-bits of polish and immersion, basically inconsequential dream content to make the game seem more dynamic and fluid.
  5. Is this old suggestion still being considered? I know the devs have more important matters at hand, but this would be cool, unless something similar is already implemented, I honestly havent played the mod in a long while. It removes frustation related to gameplay (which is always good in my books) and I think coding it wouldnt be that much time consuming. I honestly don't know. Hopefully they can find some sort of template of it in the source engine, base it off one of the aformentioned games. I know it's possible with the source engine, especially with the new version of the engine they are porting the entire mod to for v1.07. I hope one of the devs could give us their two cents if they would be capable, if it would be a good idea, if they are willing to, or if it would even be a priority in their eyes.
  6. I remember suggesting this a few years back before the game came out, or atleast supporting another person who suggested it. I personally loved the idea of it, anything to make the game feel more fluid/realistic and challenging at the same time. Dont remember why, but a group of people objected it being implemented last time, I don't remember what their points where against it other then personal preference. Like to see it implemented, atleast in realism mode. if not, then atleast an option, then if not, then atleast a mod within a mod. to add this. and stuff.
  7. Sadly this is the only gameplay video out there, I really don't know why the developers of the game entrusted this guy with a demo and privilege of posting footage, other then his popularity. The game will be coming out september 10th, hopefully with no delays this time. My personal opinion on the gameplay I've seen so far: Well, I can say it seems like regular amnesia to me for most of the video, which is good in my books. The one thing that did makes me cringe is some of the last scenes where there seems to be alot of enemies (I counted 3) chasing the player, and they are all quite clearly visible. I don't really like this approach, as it distracts from the horror elements, (anticipation, pacing, imagination) just filling it with terror instead. Which in my spectrum of emotional reactions, has become very dry in the video game medium. I'm just hoping now that the story is good and it all fits in well. Also, how is everybody doing? Does joe still write those cool wall texts? Did the site suffer any casualities since my absence?
  8. No; I said alpha/pre-alpha pre-orders not beta pre-orders. The game had a special edition being sold for 40$, which ended on the 27th of june or july 2010, if I remember correctly... entailing they would give us their "eternal gratitude", it basically gave you a link of all of them smiling with your money over a rooftop. considering the fact they didn't even have a build yet, It was a preorder of a game that didn't even exist yet, then when alpha came out, alpha was just an engine build with a basic map where you could shoot humanoid cardboard cutouts with the marine rifle. The whole thing was almost vaporware, It ran on damn faith. later on, a real build with gameplay was achieved. They gave us this exclusive armor, it's for the people who where there since the beginning, and basically threw their money at the screen, hoping for a NS sequel. And here it is now, it was one hell of a trip, alpha and beta was sooooo horrible.... It's.... actually nostalgia for me... Blast From the Past The game was so bare, (I'll be honest, still is in the long run because they rushed for a release.) but it still felt special... it had potential, and now they are keeping on working on it, it's not nearly complete, many features to come. Babblers, Exo Railgun, Webs, Hypermutation, Feint Death, Catalyst Packs, Secondary marine weapon modes, Alien Comm abilities, etc etc.
  9. Problem with that logic is that without us pre-alpha/alpha pre-orderers, the game wouldn't even be out right now for you to be able enjoy. With no real stable income and investors, Unknown Worlds Entertainment was always close to the red throughout all it's development. Back in 2010-2011 UWE was a hair away from becoming bankrupt and quitting altogether. I'm glad you have a sense of humour and that you've proven to be so proud and eager to support them.
  10. Yeah, the game is awesome, but they borked the servers for a few days, It's gotten fixed tho. I remember when I started playing and the very first of the new post beta steam players joined I was all like: My Special Black Armor brings all the boys to the yard, And they're like; Its better than yours. Damn right its better than yours. I can teach you, But I have to charge
  11. This is what proves to me it's not going to fail really; It's already got a competitive scene, Without the game being out yet and without any of the developer's support at all.
  12. duh? how is it born dead? sure sure... The beta is locked. The game isn't out. there's no marketing. Yet -The forums are thriving -There's already a competitive scene in the beta -I can always find several full/almost full servers in good ping range, again; in locked beta -they have a butt-load of stuff planned for post 1.0 -My left nipple is hard UWE just doesn't have any marketing budget yet, it's more word-to-ear right now. Two things I could see happening is that it might not be accessible enough for new players, turning them off to the game, and low marketing budget might make it sweep under the radar... However, I'm hoping people realize it's good, fun and a fresh original take on gameplay, and will play it because of this. But... certain franchises make me doubt the premise of originality and fun attracting a lush player base. (I'm looking at you: Counterstrike clones.)
  13. Important information enough for me to write off my mobile phone: NS2 is now up for preorders on steam! Only 25$.Go buy it you fucking cheap cunts!
  14. I saw a notification on the steam group, voted and favorited 11 seconds after. I voted thumbs down btw.
  15. they say less then 35$ totally worth it! Erk, some idiots on the IGN video keep saying it's ripping off dead space 2 multiplayer and left 4 dead versus gameplay, implying that a game's core gameplay that came out in 2002 is fucking ripping off games from 2008+ Natural Selection created it's own gamegenre; rts/fps. How's that for ripping anything off? Morons. build 217 gameplay showing off the sexy veil map, daaah, nostalgia by the truckload.