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  1. if we'll shot to a lightsource for example a lamp... it will break and stop emanate light?
  2. i'm a graphic artist too (really a graphic designer), great works
  3. ops, sorry i have miss it, i'm here from a few days
  4. One thing that i hate of L4D is that you can find the weapons on a table or on the ground without any logical disposition. What's about to make special model of forniture or item related to the weapons? For example the fire axe should be found (most time) in a glass case like this or a knife should be find in a kitchen, in a knife block like this or again a baseball bat should be found in a boy bedroom with some balls and a baseball glove near it what do u think about?
  5. Thanks for your reply boss... oh yes i'm licking ass
  6. Special weapon? maybe... the hold school keyboard i'd like to smash some heads with this!
  7. Hey! i'm a sexy old man!!!
  8. I'm saying this because the anatomy say that a head should be from 1/7 to 1/8 of a body... And in a test with photoshop i've learn that this head is 1/5 of a body (but the image has a strange prospective so we can assume 1/6) but it is very big in relation to a normal proportion you can see it from the image
  9. The heads are scaled up to 10/15% I know that it isn't a big modification... but i think they look a little better
  10. OMFG!!!!! Photoshop CS4 about 1hour
  11. The screenshots of the maps are amazing... but i really don't like the zombie, cause i'n my opinion their head is really too big, and make them funny instead of scary... i have spent few of my free time to edited two screenshots by resizing all the zombie's heads... what do u think about? it's better the original version or the edited? Sorry for my crappy english
  12. What is your name? real name: Alberto Stella nick name: SilverfoxXx aka Wakkos age: 23 How can we contact you? forum: send me a pm steam: silverfoxxx85 Do you have a Microphone? sure! Do you have any experience? oh well, i have beta-tested only some unofficial Ultima Online shards but i'm pretty well in founding bugs or exploits What is your Timezone/General Location? Italy... you know... pizza, mafia, spaghetti What are your computers specs? case: NZXT blueline keyboard: Microsoft Razer Reclusa monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 931BW (2ms response) motherboard: Gigabyte MA790X-DS4 ram: 3.00GB DDR2 800Mhz processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 6000+ 3.11 Ghz graphics card: Sapphire HD 4870 512 MB GDDR5 HDD: Maxtor 500Gb Audio: 5.1 system operating system: dual boot XP/Win 7 something else you wish to voice? I'm ready to sell my ass for getting in to the beta!!!