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  1. What
  2. I'm play-testing the beta version of this on the Xbox 360, lol its pretty damn glitchy so far, I would play the PC version if my computer could run it though
  3. So just Minecraft then?
  4. It seems like they moved used games online though, they said we can trade games online, no real details yet but it seems interesting. This news took a huge dump on used game sellers like GameStop and small mom and pop stores though.
  5. Probably the worst thing about it so far is that you buy the game, but you get a one time code that you use that is linked to your account, so you can't use the game disc on other consoles unless you log into their consoles. BUT they have said that you can trade games online. They haven't released specifics yet, but apparently you can sell, buy, and trade used games online. Basically, they just moved used games online. We don't know if used prices are set by Microsoft or not though, probably, but it shouldn't be too bad. If you want to lend a friend a game I suppose you could just trade a game with your friend and just re-trade back whenever.
  6. I don't blame Activision for that though, its their job to make money and well that's the best way they can make money right now. I wouldn't say that they are specifically targeting 10 year olds though, they call it the "casual" crowds, and casual does not mean underage kids. They slap the M rated warnings on the games but their parents buy the games for them anyways. There's not much they can really do about that. While many COD players are kids, I strongly doubt the majority of them are 10 year olds. Most, if not all, of the messages I receive are from 20 year olds and up (at least thats what they sound like). And I rarely see children ingame screaming into their microphones. They are there, just not as prevalent as everyone thinks so. I also definitely don't think the majority of the players are screaming maniacs, most players are quiet (or at least don't turn their mics on) and usually calm. There are 12 players in a match on average, and usually there are at least 1-2 ragers in the lobby with you, that's definitely not the majority, they are just the loudest.
  7. I'm not defending CoD or glorifying it, it definitely has a lot of faults and being repetitive is one of them, and I'm not saying that we should accept their faults and live with it hell no. I'm saying that fucktards like "Zombie_Expert" up there are no different than the little rabid cocksuckers that plague Call of Duty and many other games. COD isn't the only rabid fanbase out there too, League of Legends is probably just as bad as COD. These console fanboys are insane as well.
  8. I like Call of Duty, does that make me a shit brain that has no idea what hes doing? No, I just like the game. To go so far as saying that it "ruined a generation of FPS gamers" is fucking retarded as hell. You don't HAVE to play COD, there are plenty of great shooters out there (ARMA, Red Orchestra, Battlefield) that have massive fanbases. Why the fuck do people care what other people spend money and play? This is why the gaming community as a whole is horrible, no matter where you look, fanboys for every single game and console are stuck up little shits who think everyone should think exactly like them. Since the new Xbox One reveal, the console war clicked into full gear. No matter where you go you see comments like "LOL EPIC FAIL IMMA GET A PS4" or "HAHA IT LOOKS LIKE MY GRANDMA'S VCR!" well fuck what was it supposed to look like? Should it have strobe lights and have unnecessary moving parts like a fucking transformer? Its getting real old seeing this shit year after year, every goddamn time something new like a new Call of Duty is announced. For fucks sake the people who complain about the "idiots buying COD every year" are themselves stuck up retarded cocksuckers who have nothing better to do, I think these are the real people who need to "mature". The gaming industry has been little shits ever since games existed, it is not a new thing and COD is NOT the sole inventor of this new "scheme". Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the games that you like. Anyways the new trailer for CoDG looks pretty cool.
  9. Since the PS4 announcement was today, they showed new Watch Dogs gameplay on the PS4, not the PC, looks just as good if not better:
  10. So J.J. Abrams teamed up with Newell on making a Half-Life and Portal movie, but that's not it, they are also making a new game (completely separate from Half Life). http://www.polygon.com/2013/2/6/3960102/half-life-portal-movies-jj-abrams-valve Keep in mind Newell is showing enthusiasm for the project, he turned down numerous movie offers before because the "story was so bad".
  11. I'd like to touch on the argument of banning assault weapons. I hate it when people say that they should ban high-capacity magazines, when in reality it really does not matter if a magazine has a lot of bullets. In the Virginia Tech massacre, the gunman only used two pistols, and it was the worst gun-related school massacre in US history. Pistols are also easy to purchase as well, a lot harder to get than automatic weapons (depending on the state). I think the only ways we can curb these school shooting is to ban guns entirely (which is practically impossible), allow staff at school to carry weapons, or to strongly enforce mental health checks. I think the easiest way to solve this is to allow staff (or at least some of them) of schools to carry. And then we hear all this shit about video games that are causing all this shit, I fucking puke whenever someone actually believes this shit. I actually saw the article that said Adam Lanza's favorite game was "a shockingly violent game called 'Dynasty Warriors'." WHAT? That game isn't even fucking violent, blood is hardly even shown and its a fantasy hack n slash set in medieval Asia. He also played StarCraft.
  12. This seems very pointless and distracting.
  13. KOTOR 1 and 2 are on sale right now, get that shit if you haven't yet.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu-xFvLaE68 Some good shit in this thread.