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  1. Map: nmo_chinatown Objective: Go through the sewers Reason: flashlight + underwater + dynamic props & models(?) Explanation: Everything under water will glow pure yellow with the flashlight turned on, I think this MIGHT be just me, because my friend didn't suffer from the same bug. It can be for Windows 7 users, I dunno, cuz I have Windows 7 and my friend has Vista. If you cant figure it out it must be me, Ill post a screenshot of how it looked, but remember this occoured in EVERY water section that I walked pass-by with flashlight. Everything dynamic seemed to be catched by this yellow glow, nothing static, I think. P.S: I also have the BETA drivers for BF3 for Nvidia, so it may be those drivers that does the error.
  2. Actually I havent and I can't, cuz I need the drivers for BF3 ;/
  3. Because there isnt a scoreboard, or any achivements (glad for that, shit just to g*y), why not make so you'll spawn as fast as you enter a server, all the time? So you just skip the waiting etc, because, even if the others are on the last objective, what diffrence does it make? You still gotta find them, and get there alive without weapons or with weapons left behind in the spawnzone. If they complete the last objective before you reach them, who cares, you still got to play and try to get there. I just mean, why not, this makes it more fun since you dont have to wait through a whole game if you miss the first 2 objectives. Even if you die, and reconnect(this will be a problem, im sure of that so..) you'll be able to spawn again, BUT, as I said earlier, no weapons, and you gotta survive long enough to reach the rest of the people. I'm just giving it a thought. Kind regards, Denmatyr.
  4. As a mapper I will give you head when this gets released, write that down!
  5. I think this question belongs in the Mapping section, since I don't think thats a bug, I think you're just doing it wrong since I've seen some custom map already which works.
  6. Let me quote that shit with a; amen brother!
  7. This is how you do Mathematichax, booya.
  8. So I was just wondering, is the .fgd already released or is it To-be-released?
  9. Thanks for your answer, appreciate it. Close thread please.
  10. I got lots of missing files when I use the primary download. I tried to re-download like 10 times, still wont work. I got: Windows 7 Ultimate 12GB Ram 2TB Harddrive 6gb/s 100/100 Ethernet MSI Twinfrozr/OC ed (graphic card) --------------- So what can I say to help, well when I download I simply get lots of errors like missing files. When I tried Desura (or whatever) I got other errors, and diffrent each time when I'm trying to install. I have space left in my harddrives, I got ram to run it, I got a funtional graphic card and my connection shouldnt matter. I also closed my firewall and even that wouldnt help. If anyone know how to fix it, it would be nice if you shared since I really do hope I'm not the only guy with this problem alone. Yours, Denmatyr.
  11. Nah, it was Fileplanet, that I'm sure of.
  12. Alright, the only information I have atm is the following: Skin: Woman Zombie Type: Runner Action that may have caused crash: Zombie grabbing me while I click my left mouse-button like a maniac and THEN shove it away. When I hit that bitch the second time in the head, the game just crashed. If you want me to report an possible error msg, I would like you to tell me where I can find these and I'll be glad to upload. Yours, Denmatyr.
  13. I tried Desura, but I had some errors. I just had to be persistant, I like reinstalled and tried to recover files using Desura, but that took me like an hour. The .zip was useless to me, cuz like 62 files was corrupt. but I got Desura to work because I was retrying for like 100 times, but I hope that wasnt the idea. It's either my computer or Desura, I place my bet on my computer tho since I did get it to work after 100 times. So, my problem is solved, but if you want to look into this, that was all the information I could give, thanks anyway. EDIT: Oh yeah I have SDK Base 2007 installed, that was not the problem, the problem was to get the files working without getting them corrupted, either it was the download that fucked up or my computer making a hard time on me.
  14. Amen brother!
  15. RP Mod for NMRiH Okay, I will do it easy and just point some things out in easy form. NOTICE: Every point of mine can be done, it's done in the HL1 Mod "The Specialist", so why not for this mod. For an RP mod, we would need the following: Safe Zone Bank Mod Hunger Mod Thirst Mod Sleep Mod Shop Mod Death Mod Guns & Ammo Ingame Jobs Item Menu/Trade Function Registration Function Being Inactive Advanced Chat Function Random Spawn Big Maps Character Models Scavanging Mod Here is descriptions for each of the lines: Safe Zone This is the place on the map which is pretty big and is sourrounded by NPC military to keep the zombies away from the Safe Zone. The place can be overrunned by zombies if you put in like a "Raid mod" which spawns lots of zombies etc. The stores etc. will be inside the Safe Zone, trading will not be limited within this zone (in fact, I think it's unnecessary and impossible to make). There will also be an "Inn" located here and several apartments so people can sleep to avoid being looted. <-- Read "Sleep Mod" for more info on this! Bank Mod This mod will make an NPC controlled shop, a sort of "item deposit shop", which you can deposit items you have in your inventory for a small fare. This to prevent from dropping everything upon death, or so you can keep picking up stuff. Hunger Mod You need to always carry food, without food you die (Hunger meter). Food can be looted in abandoned stores, trashcans, zombies etc. They'll respawn after a set of time and you must wait 10 minutes before you can loot something else(Scare meter, or something that adds realism to scavengen, else ppl will just run around loot everything all the time). You can carry max 100x Food at a time(or something), food will also be seen as a trade item. Thist Mod Same as hunger mod, but you'll need water, infected water will make you sick and kill you after a set of time, spawning a zombie where you died. Water will also be considered as a currency. Sleep Mod To add realism, you can get tired, when tired you're screen gets blurry and fades black after awhile and then you're free to get eaten. To avoid this there must be "Inn's" at the Safe Area to sleep in for payment, or if you own an apartment you can sleep there. This will prevent people from staying AFK outside Safe Area, inside Safe Area if you fall asleep, you can be looted by other players, and you must wait the set amount if time to wake up again, and you doesn't have a clue who looted you. If you want to go AFK, you can just leave the server if you have a low "Sleep Meter". Shop Mod Players will control the most of the market, guns, food, flashlight batteries and ammo etc. Everything can be used as currency, it depends on what the seller wants in return. NPC's will be selling apartments and stuff alike. I was thinking about having apartments with keys, when you buy an apartment you'll get an unique key, in the Item Menu it will be named "Key 01" etc, so you easily can sell your apartment with the Trade Function. Death Mod Upon death you will drop anything in your inventory, or that you'll have on you. Including weapons. Be careful! This is to be sure of more realism, instead of people running around killing zombies and then die without taking any real damage to the character, thats why people can use the maps "Deposit Bank". And to prevent masskills of zombies (You can just run inside a group of zombies and kill until you die to gain items, then run back and do the same thing, over and over again). Guns & Ammo In the normal NMRiH servers, guns & ammo can be found like, everywhere, but with RP mod, guns will be more rare than that, there will for example be a NPC controlled gunshop on every map, but the shop doesn't sell lots of ammo, or the ammo will be really expensive, therefore you will be killing police zombies etc. for berettas or pistols, maybe even shotguns, and you can also loot ammo in trashcans etc. Ingame Jobs You can get a job, like scavenger or something, where you will take scavenged items to a special NPC which will grant you with ammo or something. You won't be able to give him just anything, he will seek for bottle caps or something that will be valuable to him, and when you reach a special amount of bottle caps you can trade them for guns, food, ammo etc. (Bottle caps will only be able to find when you have the job "Scavenger". There will also be several other jobs, let the imagination flow. Item Menu There will be a command similar to The Specialist's /items which opens up a textbase inventory. In here you can find anything you have on you, to make it more realistic we can add Weight on items and a max capacity, so players wont be helding 1000x food, or 999 rounds of 9mm's (you get the idea). When you trade with another player, you can see which item the player wants to trade with you, and you can choose which item you want to trade for it, then the other player have to accept and then you have to accept. Else people can scam easily. If you doesn't have the capacity or avaible weight to hold the requested item, the trade will be canceled instead of the item/items disappearing. Registration Function This idea I actually got from the mod The Specialist, it will keep your chosen "name" unavaible for others, and it will save your Items, Sleep Meter, Hunger Meter etc. So when you rejoin the server it will be exactly like you left it. When you connect again, you will spawn at one of the random spawns placed by the mapper. Being Inactive When you are inactive from the server for more than maybe a month? or something, some items, like the key to the apartment, will be changed to "Broken Key", this key you can sell back to the Apartments NPC for the same amount of items you baught it for, since if people buy up all the apartments, and then stop play, people can't buy the apartments, and they arent even being used. So this is a smart way to handle this problem if someone goes on a vacation or something. Advanced Chat Function When pressing Y you will type text only seen by players within a radius of 5 meters, while typing Y + /whisper will make you Whisper to players in a radius of 1 meter. The team chat, U, will be used as clobal chat, which will be OOC. There will be /advertisement to seek a trade partner, /news for journalists etc. Only people with the job Journalist can use the /news command etc. Typing /admin <your text> will send the same text to all admins, like a ticket. There will also be avaible "cellphones" so you can text someone, example: Denmatyr(SMS): Hey mate with the command /sms <playername> <your message>. Random Spawn Both zombies and players will be spawned randomly in the map, this can be easily obtained by placing 100's of player spawns on the map. I was also thinking about making the spawns far from the "Safe Zone" to make it more exciting. Big Maps It's obvious that we need big maps, we also need a big Safe Zone in the middle of the map where shops will be placed along with small apartments and one big Inn. Character Models We need atleast 10 diffrent models, 10 models including those already made for NMRiH. This to create more Realism. Scavenging Mod This we'll need so players can loot pistols or pistolammo from police zombies, and food from trashcans etc. You can't for example loot 100x Food in one trashcan, it will contain more like 1x Food up to max 3-5x Food. And there will be a "Scare Meter" which blocks you from scavenging too much, to add realism. (This will not be a problem when you're looting zombies, only trashcans and stores) GAMEPLAY The whole idea is to create some atmosphere similar to the movies Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead. There will be a big map, with some apartments and places you can go (this is up to the mapper). The main part will be the so called Safe Zone, an area in the middle of the map, kinda big, which will have stores and other stuff. Also the area is sourrounded by barricades and NPC controlled Military that will shoot the zombies that comes too close. Coding a "undead raid" is a must, to prevent it from being boring, like making lots of zombies attacking the Safe Zone which kills the NPCs and makes the players in control of their own safety.. Scavenging is a must since the currency is ammo, guns, water and food. (along with other stuff) Scavenging won't be easy tho since you'll start with melee weapons, and you have to trade for better guns, ofc you can kill a police zombie and if lucky enough, get a handgun with no or low amount of ammo. Everything depends on what you do to survive, it's up to you how to play your cards. There will be a NPC in charge of everything inside the Safe Zone that will hand out jobs etc. Everything will be saved when you'll leave the server and stay exactly as it is until you come back. To ensure hardworking players that their effort was not in vain. Be a hero or a frightned little child, you decide. If you have any questions or suggestions just post them here, or if you feel that you can help out with this idea, just msg me and I will assemble a team for this add-on. Kind regards! Denmatyr
  16. TSRP indeed brings up a lot of nostalgic memories, memories I want to recreate with help of few. I hope this turns out well, I've looked into my statements several times. But I will add the Gameplay idea now, got reminded just now, you can find it at the bottom of my first post!
  17. The problem is that when they discussed this, noone was serious enough to start it, and about the coding, some things will take long time, and some things I will just take ideas from The Specialists RP mod, because the meters and stuff will be textbased. I wan't a RP mod for NMRiH because I've waited for this mod since it started, but I haven't been active on the forums but I've checked this mod out for several years. I've thought about this, and the possibilty of creating it. And I will assemble a team, I'm going to an IT school and I have several good programmers that will help me, but what I need is a programmer that is familiar with Add-ons for HL2. Mapping won't really be a problem either since I can map and I have some old friends that mapped for Zombie Panic.
  18. I agree on that, but this is an idea me and my friend discussed, and we didnt even discussed NMRiH. We talked about having a game made with RP mod and Zombies and how awesome that would be, then we discussed that the RP game would need NPC zombies, then I came up with this bright idea, why dont create a mod within a mod, just like Garrys Mod RP or The Specialist RP and make it a Zombie Survival RP. I think this can get quite popular, infact, really popular! So we'll see about this, I wont let this idea get to waste, I will actually try to find some programmers and such to start create it 1 week after the official release. My friend is a programmer, and another of mine is a great mapper, when they got the time we'll begin.. But we need more to help us with this!
  19. @Duke: I laughed so fking hard man, I love that movie! XDDDDDD
  20. Rule nr 9# DOUBLE FAP
  21. PSE Tactical Assault Crossbow vote +1
  22. Amnesia: Dark Descend is quite scary, but I hope they make a second game which is played in a abandoned mental hospital, that would be SCARY.
  23. Outbreak Elimination Squad Information: I'm creating a clan just for the fun purpose and to create some feeling behind the gameplay. Roleplaying: After the outbreak me and some friends we're having a LAN weekend, we didn't notice anything until someone was bashing on the door and we went to check it out. It wasn't normal since the person didn't knock, rather bash with a random pattern. A guy named Jim equipped himself with a baseball bat just incase, if the person outside was a psychopath or something, because the bashing worried us. Jim opened the door and the person outside just stood there looking at him drooling, suddenly the person, covered in blood, attacked him, grabbed his arm and bit him. We we're all terrified, Jim screamed and pushed the person away from him, then Jim swinged the baseball bat, tried to kneekap the bastard. The guy's knee was broken but he didn't seem to care, he just started to crawl against Jim. Jim just bashed the guy's head in with the baseball bat, the guy stopped moving. We examined the body and quite fast we noticed that this guy was dead, but something was wrong with him, he had several bitemarks on his face and his left hand was ripped off. We cleaned and covered up Jim's wound, dragged the body into the apartment, closed and locked the door and then we called the police, something was wrong, the 911 emergency line was busy. Suddenly some guy's in our Ventrilo Channel just went quite, we tried to contact them and suddenly a guy named Mark answered, he sounded dizzy and said something was wrong, that he was hurt, that his little brother attacked him and bit him. Mark said he was bleeding heavy and the emergency line couldn't be reached, neither could he contact his parents. He said he locked his brother in the toilet, suddenly Mark just went quite, we couldn't reach him, we assumed he died from his wounds. We tried to reach the emergency line for about 30 minutes, but no answer. We tried to call our parents but noone was answering, the cellphone line was busy, like it was new year or something. We heard gunshots outside so we all ran to the window to check it out, it looked like a riot, but something was crazy about it, the people attacked eachother, they wasn't hitting eachother, they we're.. they we're BITING eachother.. Something was terribly wrong. Jim started to feel dizzy and laid down in the sofa, suddenly he passed out. I checked his pulse and it was low and out of rythm, suddenly I lost it.. I fucking lost it! Jim died, we all was in chocked and wondered, how the fuck could he died from a bit of that caliber, it was a simple bitemark, maybe he died by any other reason? But that was out of the question. Jim was healthy, always. Some of us started to cry and tried to bring him back, but it didn't work, our efforts was in vain, Jim was gone.. We covered him up and began to discuss what to do, and suddenly Jim woke up! But.. he didn't say a word, his eyes had no focus, he looked at us like he didn't recognize us.. We tried to talk with him but he just pulled himself up from the sofa. He charged at Johnny, we pushed him to the floor and tried to hold him, but he was trying to bite us. What the fuck? He tried to kill us.. Johnny took the baseball bat Jim used to kill the random psycho that attacked us 40 minutes ago, Johnny hit Jim in the head, tried to make him pass out, but it didn't work, Jim was still trying to bite us. Johnny took the baseball bat and bashed Jim's head in, then he screamed! "GUYS! DON'T YOU SEE?? SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG, HE WAS ACTING LIKE THAT PSYCHO OVER THERE." We all went quite just looked at Jim's dead body. This couldn't be happening, I mean, we all seen zombie movies, but no way it would happen in real life? Right? We turned on the news to see if there was some emergency broadcast on, but nothing was on, not one channel.. We came to the conclusion that an outbreak had occoured, even it was redicolous. We equipped ourself with some weapons and began to plan what to do next..
  24. I'm with Gothic, do that and the game would be fabolous, try to make diffrent animations randomized into zombies.