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    Sex, money, weed and killing zombies.
  1. Actually I havent and I can't, cuz I need the drivers for BF3 ;/
  2. As a mapper I will give you head when this gets released, write that down!
  3. I think this question belongs in the Mapping section, since I don't think thats a bug, I think you're just doing it wrong since I've seen some custom map already which works.
  4. Map: nmo_chinatown Objective: Go through the sewers Reason: flashlight + underwater + dynamic props & models(?) Explanation: Everything under water will glow pure yellow with the flashlight turned on, I think this MIGHT be just me, because my friend didn't suffer from the same bug. It can be for Windows 7 users, I dunno, cuz I have Windows 7 and my friend has Vista. If you cant figure it out it must be me, Ill post a screenshot of how it looked, but remember this occoured in EVERY water section that I walked pass-by with flashlight. Everything dynamic seemed to be catched by this yellow glow, nothing static, I think. P.S: I also have the BETA drivers for BF3 for Nvidia, so it may be those drivers that does the error.
  5. Because there isnt a scoreboard, or any achivements (glad for that, shit just to g*y), why not make so you'll spawn as fast as you enter a server, all the time? So you just skip the waiting etc, because, even if the others are on the last objective, what diffrence does it make? You still gotta find them, and get there alive without weapons or with weapons left behind in the spawnzone. If they complete the last objective before you reach them, who cares, you still got to play and try to get there. I just mean, why not, this makes it more fun since you dont have to wait through a whole game if you miss the first 2 objectives. Even if you die, and reconnect(this will be a problem, im sure of that so..) you'll be able to spawn again, BUT, as I said earlier, no weapons, and you gotta survive long enough to reach the rest of the people. I'm just giving it a thought. Kind regards, Denmatyr.
  6. Let me quote that shit with a; amen brother!
  7. This is how you do Mathematichax, booya.
  8. Thanks for your answer, appreciate it. Close thread please.
  9. So I was just wondering, is the .fgd already released or is it To-be-released?
  10. Nah, it was Fileplanet, that I'm sure of.
  11. Alright, the only information I have atm is the following: Skin: Woman Zombie Type: Runner Action that may have caused crash: Zombie grabbing me while I click my left mouse-button like a maniac and THEN shove it away. When I hit that bitch the second time in the head, the game just crashed. If you want me to report an possible error msg, I would like you to tell me where I can find these and I'll be glad to upload. Yours, Denmatyr.
  12. I tried Desura, but I had some errors. I just had to be persistant, I like reinstalled and tried to recover files using Desura, but that took me like an hour. The .zip was useless to me, cuz like 62 files was corrupt. but I got Desura to work because I was retrying for like 100 times, but I hope that wasnt the idea. It's either my computer or Desura, I place my bet on my computer tho since I did get it to work after 100 times. So, my problem is solved, but if you want to look into this, that was all the information I could give, thanks anyway. EDIT: Oh yeah I have SDK Base 2007 installed, that was not the problem, the problem was to get the files working without getting them corrupted, either it was the download that fucked up or my computer making a hard time on me.
  13. I got lots of missing files when I use the primary download. I tried to re-download like 10 times, still wont work. I got: Windows 7 Ultimate 12GB Ram 2TB Harddrive 6gb/s 100/100 Ethernet MSI Twinfrozr/OC ed (graphic card) --------------- So what can I say to help, well when I download I simply get lots of errors like missing files. When I tried Desura (or whatever) I got other errors, and diffrent each time when I'm trying to install. I have space left in my harddrives, I got ram to run it, I got a funtional graphic card and my connection shouldnt matter. I also closed my firewall and even that wouldnt help. If anyone know how to fix it, it would be nice if you shared since I really do hope I'm not the only guy with this problem alone. Yours, Denmatyr.
  14. Amen brother!
  15. TSRP indeed brings up a lot of nostalgic memories, memories I want to recreate with help of few. I hope this turns out well, I've looked into my statements several times. But I will add the Gameplay idea now, got reminded just now, you can find it at the bottom of my first post!