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  1. that was filled
  2. I'm guessing it has something to do with you working at Rockstar right?
  3. Que? Also very funny rad
  4. This something I wrote a while back for a school assignment, I figured I'd post this before I post my next story. Hope you enjoy The Last Mile I have started my journey to North Town for the cure to the infection that has eradicated 90% of the population on earth. If that wasn’t bad enough 8% became reanimated corpses that continue to roam the earth. Then 1.9% survived with no side effects, becoming carriers of the virus. Finally there’s the .1%, for most of what I know, I’m the only one of this percentage, the super human. Instead of killing me, reanimating me, or just being normal I became something special. My endurance and speed increased alongside my physical strength and mental capacity. This might sound exciting to others, some big hero that’s large than life hero but having this much power has its unwieldy consequences. To start, I can’t sleep. I’ve tried just about every soporific drug I could find but nothing could cause even a yawn. If that wasn’t bad enough, my right hand extricates some sort of light energy that causes a fractious feeling thought out my body every time it is released. Ignore my ranting please, for I have been on my own since I left Paradise City and a lack of human contact can starve a man’s social hunger. I truly thought by now that I wouldn’t miss hearing the loud voices of people yelling in traffic but each day I just want to hear someone else’s voice beside my own. Back in Paradise City I was with a group of survivors. We managed for a while before things went wrong. It all started when the city’s fresh water supply was running low. Most of us had no medical or combat training so trying to explore for food left me and my late friend Robert Kindel. We had been the only two be in war, he was a field medic and I was a privateer that just got leave. Now that I look back at what happen, I wish both of us had stayed in the war. We went out for the bi-monthly exploration, which usual went well, never had a problem with infected attacking us, till this time. Robert had always suggested the idea that we go out farther than our mile radius to look for food. I had always told him that if go out any farther we would have no clue what could be out there. “Look Garret, we might die here sooner from starvation before we would of the infected.” Robert said it to me with so much confidence to cover the fear we all had about advancing from the base. Well Robert had convinced me to go; I mean he had a point after all. Everyone in the base told children the transient truth that all of this chaos would be over soon. But the truth was that no one knew when it would be over. 1 year had passed since the first case of the infection and it only took months for it to spread to practically everywhere. The virus was air born, and most people died from the first inhale. Soon utilities like water and electricity shut off, it was like going back in time. Most survivors panicked and attempted to escape the city but always ended the same, not even making it out of downtown. Which was where most survivors went, a huge mistake but the remaining politicians wanted to create an autonomy for anyone who would follow their law. Most didn’t, even with their blazon attempts by driving pickup trucks through the city to find survivors. It only would lead to a horde of infected chasing them down, scourging at their bodies till they were no more. I was there, fending for my own life to be exact. I had joined their little coalition in hopes that we would make it out of the city. If it wasn’t for the experience I wouldn’t found out that I became super human and couldn’t become infected like the other survivors. Still, I can hear the screams as me and Robert made the biggest mistake of our lives, leading the infected back home. We had found a working moped recently, it wasn’t in the best condition but it could reach up to 40 miles per hour and that’s all we needed to out run any infected. So we took off, full tank of gas knowing that it could probably only go out 20 miles from and back before it reached empty, and headed north to the outskirts. We expected more trouble the farther we went but were amazed by the void of silence at this time of day. We drove passed bakeries and grocery stores, though filled with food and necessities were as deadly as walking into the forest alone, waiting for a deer or small critter to go past, then see one in your sights, moving slowly as you creep to claim your reward only to step on a bear trap and become victim. we stopped at an abandoned gas station; we could cipher the gasoline and catch for preserved foods. The moss growing on the sides of the of walls inside with the rust over the metal making the place age more than 30 years in only a matter of months. It was truly a sad sight to behold, with no human intellect to keepsake the structures we create and make them last forever. Still, we continued to filch through the station for what we could find, it wasn’t much because the precepts of survivor now were to take what you could and try to make it last weeks. You never knew when the next time you would able to find food. I decided to cipher the gasoline as Robert went continued to scavenge for goods. It was only minutes before I heard an ear piercing “Ah!” It was Robert, no doubt about it as the voice came from inside. I went back to the moped to grab one of the extra pistols we had. Its chrome shine was fading away as it didn’t get as much use as it wanted, but that was a way of showing we didn’t need it often. I went inside, keeping light on my feet, I went between the isles till found Robert hanging upside down. Someone must have kept fort here before moving on somewhere else. Anyways, Robert was bleeding from his head which was a bad thing. The virus kept, those who were reincarnated, motor skills and basic functions active, they knew how to hunt for their pray by scent. The smell of human blood would send them rushing to the station so I quickly loosened Robert from the trap and supported him back to the moped. I put the ciphered gas on the back, and without thought, practically drove the infected back to our base. From there on out it was a call to arms as all equitable survivors picked up a gun and back to defend the base. I myself fixed up Robert with his instruction to stop his head bleeding. Those several hours of warfare turned innocent children into vapid and scathed warriors. We had taught them how to handle themselves if an event like this ever happened. The day after it was only Robert and me alive, trapped in the panic room with only a few rounds left in the revolver I held. The infected flouted about in front the door; Robert gave me a caveat about the infected. He said that they were showing signs of intelligence, evolving from mere scourges into hunters of the Stone Age, learning to create traps that could easily make us their dinner. I was going to take them all on by myself and bring Robert along but he said to me: “It would be a salutary honor to be a decoy as you escape. Go to North Town, the last radio broadcast said that scientist were close to cracking the code of the virus but were missing one piece. Garret I believe your DNA holds the key to end this catastrophe.” And with that I left Robert Kindel, a brave man who was willing to sacrifice his life for the better of us all. I continued to North Town, all the way in Canada, which had been heard to have the lowest infected population known. They simply couldn’t handle the cold weather during the winter which it was around this time. So I made trip to a car, which I tossed my two guns in along with a bag of food. I traveled for two days before running out of gasoline. Luckily I was only 50 miles away from North Town. Which leads to now, I am recording this video, one mile away from North Town. You may ask why not record after I’m in town? I ran into a survivor coming from North Town telling me to turn around. He wouldn’t tell me why but I had to see it for myself. I found North Town to be in ruin from what I have seen, smoke rising above sky scrapers indicates only two possibilities: survivors building a fire or infected taking over. I feel like axiomatic truth is that the last broadcast could have been on loops from months ago before infected got to them. Now it becomes even more evident that the infected are learning, becoming wise to what survivors are doing to, well, survive and using it against us. This recording was made December 22, 2014; 2 years after the first infection bringing it full circle to why I told my tale, my story of what happened. To those who find this remember humans are not perfect and are never meant to be perfect, as perfection is unattainable without regrets. We have shown what will happen when perfection is attempted and nothing will come out of it, so love the person you are because you are special no matter who judges you. This is Garret S. Washington and I am walking my last mile. __________________________________ Some of the writing is awkward do to the teachers requirements, that and the story had to be no longer than 5 pages which really limited my detail.
  5. hmm, could I get one with Black/White theme with red accent Something with the video game character max payne doing something badass And my name in the corner
  6. Sounds like both of you need to face of in a match of Capcom vs Snk
  7. Or Herpes, pick your poison
  8. needs more cowbell. The moans need some groans.
  9. KoF12 looked alright but MvC2 is a classic. and like you stabbity, I got my ass handed to be, but its been like 8 years since the last time I played it
  10. Zombie noodle soup. Sounds deliche!
  11. O really? Just some foreshadowing, but I've been known to grow on people, even if you don't believe me you'll find out anyway
  12. yes, a painfully slow way to kill a zombie
  13. I know, it was a bit of irony I was talking what just previously mentioned. Hope you caught on to that.
  14. lol, sorry that they believe that man.
  15. I've played a plenty of Source Mods and seen many problems that shouldn't be in there after release. As before release, my experience with playtesting source mods is limited, I won't lie. I'm just confident that I can be a great asset to helping out this mod by finding those glitches, and helping the overall balance of a game. I should also mention CrimeCraft and Battlefield heroes aren't completely MMOs, more like FPS instances on a bigger scale. and I was in Battlefield Heroes when they were only allowing 100-200 people to playtest it.