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    you, you handsome motherfucker
  1. Need? I need freedom!
  2. As long as you don't die on a Wednesday, Wednesday's musical chairs day. It's every man for himself on Wednesdays.
  3. Malfunctioning engangsgrill.
  4. Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and Son Volt. Check'im'out'why'dont'cha?
  5. Havikk, a little man that can speak a bunch of languages (none of them French.) languages that he'll use to build a window facing the world wide web that will retrieve and present data, hath spoken.
  6. I sorta want to believe that Havikk is the creation of someone that's just out to mock us. But I'm not a complete idiot or cynic, so I'm still on the fence. I like him though and I would like to follow him around with a camera. On the internet.
  7. Can I have exploding knees?
  8. The artisan (coincidently from Greece) specifically involved in the making of human-like figures and figurines out of various textiles and other materials hath spoken.
  9. The new Youtube layout? If so, yes, I totally agree. Someone had to justify their job and went and tried and fix something that didn't nae need fixing. The fact that you have to hover your mouse over individual comments to see shit such as dates is ridiculous.
  10. You seem agitated as of late, Reverend. Has the ever-lasting light which is the love of Jesus Christ (our lord and savior) suddenly left your good heart? See? I could take your place at any moment! Look alive motherfucker.
  11. Uh yeh, a pointless war where incompetents are given control of one ton floating chunks of metal with missiles attached to the sides. Let's just stare blankly at our computer screens instead. Lest we forget, we do have far more important topics to share our pointless opinions about. Like the latest arbitrary plot twist in Lost and trying to finally determine if Havikk could indeed fight 20 marmots to the death and win.
  12. Uhm, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that carrying a gun on the streets of Baghdad is not unusual and does not immediately make you a legitimate target for a fucking one ton attack helicopter. But that's just me.