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  1. I've been wondering for quite a long time as to if this mod is a Source mod like Zombie Panic! in that we only require owning a game with the Source engine like CS:S or L4D, or is it absolutely required to own HL2?
  2. I am resending my app because my steam was hijacked and there have been a few changes to my Steam account after I had reobtained it, and also to provide other info I feel I neglected to include in my last app. Steam: Wolf (Psychopathy Red) Name: Michael I do have a microphone Skype: apachewolf666 Timezone: Central Exp: None, but always willing to learn and help Comp spec: I honestly am not exactly sure but it runs all steam games without issue Sorry Maxxx for this being a double.
  3. My account was just hijacked last night. I know this may not be the right place to post this, but do you have any advice on this?
  4. Thank you for your response This may be a rediculous question but does your responce signify approval?
  5. I may not even get an answer so just let them do what they have to do, and be greatful that you have some credintials.
  6. Perhaps the more pitched shifted vocals can be used on a handful to emphisize decompostion of the vocal chords. A mix of fresh groans and moans mized with phelgmy roars would be scary as hell!!!
  7. Hello, I am Michael I have been following this mod since it's announcment in the PC Gamer FPS special in the winter of 2004. It has been a great relief to see that after several years that it is nearing its completion. Though I have no prior beta testing experience, I am very observant and passionant for zombie-apacolypse themed media. I look forward to the day that this mod will be unleashed and Hell will flow... Steam: 6Apache6Wolf6