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  1. Man, this forum isn't even worth getting banned from anymore.
  2. Like...actual shit? How much to commission a shit? Do you charge more to throw it at someone? Where is your defecation faq? DeFAQation? ANSWER ME GODDAMMIT.
  4. I didn't finish BAS. Does it end with the male and female versions of Booker and Elizabeth facing off against an army of Hermaphrodite and Post-Op Tranny Comstocks? That's really the only satisfying conclusion to the series I can think of.
  5. It's just random ambient noise that can be heard in different locations at different times. It's about as valid as the ME3 indoctrination theory. I have a question though: If there's an infinite number of realities, how does drowning one version of Booker fix everything?
  6. You don't have to play it to get a booster pack. You have to be a lucky son of a bitch.
  7. Also, shooting all the civilians used to be a viable, profitable tactic. I'm fuckin' bummed that I lost my screenshots when my HD killed itself, but me and some other doods repeatedly murdered everyone in and around the diamond store for a good chunk of change. On one attempt, I decided to load all of the bodybags into the van along with all the loot (it was the Halloween update, after all). As we were leaving, the random 4th guy with us decided to shoot the remaining handcuffed guard and tried to use his radio after we had already used all of our attempts. The cops showed up and the van sped off leaving a trail of bodybags in it's wake. We were promptly murdered by headless bulldozers. Shit was hilarious. Of course, weed and all that.
  8. Ever think for one second that you were playing with awful players because - wait for it - it was the free weekend?
  9. Pretty sure they'd fight to play as Michael Rooker so they could stare at the other player.
  10. If you have an old analog tv, turn to a dead channel and just watch the static. You'll be in a meditative state in no time. It's kind of like a brain massage.