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  1. None of this is required, you would not have to lean because they aren't shooting at you, if you could go prone that opens up a whole mess of shit for the mappers, rolling also makes no sense because they aren't shooting at you.
  2. Been suggested before, is most likely already implemented.
  3. You could start mapping this in Half Life 2 (or Episode 2, to be exact). Just use common entities and use dev textures for all the geometry. Then when the mod comes out move it to your steam/steamapps/(yourname)/sourcesdk_content/nmrih/mapsrc and add entities, texture, then compile. It'll make your maps one of the first custom ones released and save you a ton of time. EDIT lol, didn't notice it was you, barney.
  4. 1) Will zombies have an animation where they fall over low to the ground ledges (48 units or less) such as windows and short objects? This would really help mappers make indoor maps easier. 2) What are the positives of letting yourself change into a zombie near your teammates post-infection and not killing yourself? 3) When zombies fall off of a ledge do they freefall and land on their face or do they keep their walk cycle going like HL2 zombies? 4) When zombies do fall, if its on top of a player what happens? 5) Would you guys ever consider using something in the style of the Half Life 2 beta's Brickbat weapon to be able to throw objects at zombies to cause damage? http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Brickbat 6) Will certain zombies drop items? 7) Are health packs handled like Half Life 2 health or Left 4 Dead health? 8) Will there be combination weapons that are useless apart but powerful together (lighter/gas, bottle/gas, etc) 9) Can certain objectives be carried from one place to another by a player?
  5. Is there story character NPCs? Will there be light, zombie block-able vehicles like a motorcycle? Or more silly crazy ones like a bicycle or skateboard? When you jump on top of a mob of zombies will they pull you down into the middle of the mob? Or can you "crowd surf"? Can you throw objects at zombies to kill them (crates, barrels, rocks, etc) Any "strange" or silly objects you can find and have in your inventory, like a can of beer or a pack of (smokeable) cigarettes? Will there be TF2 style taunts? Just for shits and giggles? Can you carry objective items in your inventory? Like keys, a keycard, a crank, etc?
  6. By miscellaneous items I mean things like bottles that can be combined with gasoline to make Molotovs or lighters that can be used to light various things on fire.
  7. First I would google how to hotwire a dirt bike and how to hotwire a car. I walk down the street to my neighbor, who is a licensed gun dealer, and get a rifle and a pistol. Then I get food. Not from the store though, the stores will be mobbed. Instead, I break into houses and steal the food they have (mostly Top Ramen and other light imperishables) while they hustle and bustle to the store. I would drive to my dads to pick him up and bring him back over here (arizona) Then I would go to the any one of the Arizona State Pens http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arizona_state_prisons Prisons are meant to keep people in, so of course it would be good at keeping people out.
  8. Pushing will be there, where you can push zombies away from you, but I think kicking down a door (IE breaking it) is a good idea.
  9. Its one of the mods ON steam.......Age Of Chivalry.
  10. why would it double post?
  11. AoC has basic NPCs that move their mouths, hands, and and head to increase immersion. They look like they would be rather simple to make, but since you appear uninterested......magic text again? :/
  12. Hes talking about drawing a line with a spray can, not spraying a jpg onto a surface.
  13. Love that story, and barney, I WILL BUY THAT BOOK!
  14. I asked because I really dislike how all zombie mods (and zombie PC games, for that matter) have them smack you rather than bite.