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  1. *wakes up*


  2. So appropriate!! Thonx m8
  3. Killing Joke - The Death and Resurrection Show also WHUDDUPPP
  4. RE6 looks horrendous.
  5. This is killing me. All I can think of is Luigi's Mansion. Edit: Castlevania? I give up.
  6. I'm done school tomorrow
  7. Thought maybe you meant Maine. Turns out I am still forever alone on the coast.
  8. Hilarious
  9. I was going to, until they announced proprietary memory.
  10. This. Every single word you just said.
  11. I actually enjoy both games. I don't care about hating on other things because others like them, even if those crowds happen to be made up of mostly 12 year olds. I like BF3 because it's BF3 and I like MW3 because it's MW3. If I have a friend over and we're having some beers, we might try to do some split screen co-op missions on veteran or something, because it's actually a lot of fun. Sometimes I feel like playing the arcade style game and sometimes I don't.
  12. This looks like another RE5. I don't want to play a third person shooter, so I probably won't get this one.
  13. I too found the same thing happened to me when I swapped out sounds and models. It's strange how even a sound file can effect your play style and performance.
  14. Postal II was nuts. Peeing on people never got old.
  15. AMD Phenom x6 1090T @ 3.9ghz G.Skill Ripjaws 2100mhz 12gb DDR3 Radeon HD 5870 1gb asus crosshair iv formula
  16. Relevant.
  17. I've had exams all week, and another today, and tomorrow. Let's just say there will be a lot of alcohol and Skyrim involved on Friday at 3.
  18. Earlier I got off my horse to walk about 100 feet to a dungeon, and my horse tripped shit and charged a group of mages in a nearby tunnel that was booby trapped. He hit a pressure plate that set fire to the tunnel, himself, and everyone in the vicinity. My horse is a boss.
  19. I sort of messed up with my character. I was initially wanting to play a typical warrior human class, but then I started putting points into light armor, archery and one handed weapons so I can wear leather, dual wield swords and use my bow.. but I'm quickly realizing that a shield and sword was a better idea. I don't get why an arrow to the head doesn't kill somebody.
  20. I'm a little disappointed with BF3. I don't like a lot of the changes from BC2 but I do like the engine. I've felt kind of meh about BF3 the past couple days.. I thought it would be the game to get me back into FPS but unfortunately I think that ship sailed back in high school. Most servers are overrun with people trolling or teamed up and spawn killing left and right. Tonight I was trying to snipe and I was being bombarded with 6 Mav's, all snipers in a squad trolling and dive bombing with the intelligence bot. Totally ruined the match and potentially the entire game for me. I don't know. It's impressive, but it isn't Battlefield 2 on a better engine, which in my opinion is what it should have been aiming for. It's more like Call of Duty than it is Battlefield now. Ridiculous gear like Mortars and the Mav are just annoying and poorly designed.
  21. Great work everybody!
  22. What episode?