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  1. As people don't seem to realize spamming is against the rule and having to go around and ban a shit load of bots gets tiring easily. I got sick of banning bots and as soon as I stop for a week everyone complains about the amount of bots spamming the forums. Banning bots is boring tedious and can take quite a lot of time out from development of the mod. Certain members have not been helping and have contributed to the spam on the forums. So I created this topic for your to post your stupid little spam posts in so you don't clog up the forums with stupid topics. So knock yourselves out. Remember any spam topic created will be delete and the created will be punished so if you are in doubt whether it is spam or not, just post it in here.
  2. Plus who doesn't like to see blood spurting out all over the place.
  3. Looking very sexual guys, the animations for the sako look especially awesome.
  4. We don't need any flash for the mod and if we do in the future this is something I could do.
  5. Much Better. Also we are sorted for beta testers at the moment.
  6. If you sqaure the sum of money I would consider it. But I wouldn't even get out of bed for $10.
  7. Now you are all settled in back to work on NMRiH, chop chop!
  8. This I officially hate Canada now.
  9. We are all very busy procastinating hold tight.
  10. Plus there is a load of new stuff floating around the internet you just need to know where to look.
  11. Give us loads of money and I am sure we could provide something that will fit your requirements.
  12. 31.5kb/s on the sdk fun times.
  13. Plus about 90% of us devs aren't american so don't really give two shits about the 4th of July.
  14. Also active reload like Gears of war could add to the realism. I mean you average idiot isn't going to reload a gun perfectly every time. So maybe if you mess up the active reload the player messes up the reload (like drops like clip or something).
  15. So Gabe what do you think of pc gamers? "Tossers"
  16. Hey all you tools http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1l3UTrJYAQ&feature=player_embedded That is all.
  17. Quick add this guy to the team. When you get in you can take the fire truck off my hands (haven't started it yet) as I am stuck in exam periods atm.
  18. They must have got some money from somewhere then because last thing I heard was they hired a load of Koreans and were paying them pennies per hour.
  19. ummm... Who might have the power to do such a thing? It is time to call Wassup Holmes
  20. Hi I'm Maxx and well I am going to have to say no.
  21. Normal maps aren't necessary with source.
  22. They will remove modding making everything we have done obsolete.
  23. Source is shit the lighting system for static models is too old to be considered next-gen the compiling system for models is completely unnecessary and is so 1990ish the compiling tools for levels is slow and isn't multi threaded (may have been updated not sure). The only thing that is good about it from my point of view is how open the source code although the cryengine has it beat here is as well.
  24. Poof
  25. Worse than source?