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  1. Japanese Ice Cream is the best I have ever had and I don't mean any specific brand I mean the kind that comes out of the normal coolers. Had some when my family was PCSed there.
  2. Thats funny because we didn't even know what was happening to them until we got to the camps.
  3. Working on the favorites now....
  4. We can all agree war is a neccesity needed for the survival of mankind as an individual. Now is it good. I'm not talking about the current nor any specific conflict. We all agree WWII was neccesary to stop a madman killing millions of people and threatening the liberty of the world.... So is war with a good purose not good? Or is it bad?
  5. Thats nice to say seeing as how its in a topic where I'm trying to produce and web browser.
  6. Its an ultra basic streamline web browser... of course not. However... I am working on a databse entry and save idea...
  7. Java works... its just security.... and for flash.... Let me find out how to do that.
  8. Thats it... its the EXE file that was bad you want the zip
  9. its up there...
  10. thats because I wasn't paying attention and gave you guys the executable and not the files to execute
  11. Use this link: It’s as simple web browser I made in VS2008. I need to make sure everything stays as is and doesn't get fucked up. Also this is just alpha and bare bones. You can definitely expect better interface graphically and MAYBE new features also... tell me what you think.... if you have any issues PM me because I might not be able to read it. http://www.mediafire.com/?gmjwmex1oly bad link this good.... picks as soon as uploaded see nothing special... will work on images for the buttons though.
  12. You need to remember this is combat and sometimes its best to shoot and think later... for instance... you drive up to a HMMWV and get just a little to close they with put you in a coffin with out yelling at you.
  13. Bubstasty
  14. There is so much more you can do with arma 2. You can do, clans, nukes, race cars, make stupid maps. It's like the GMod of military sims.
  15. Thats why you get an awesome processor and a shit load of RAM its more than a graphics card.... Heres some screenies He said you have to be carefull though..... the AI is taxing but other than the intial lag of stratup it isnt even noticeable. I think he may have bypassed the micro AI though.