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  1. When on Halloween do you guys plan on releasing it? Morning, midday, night? Since it's a Monday ....
  3. I've gone through a hole match as marine only pistol whipping people. I got 10 kills, my only weakness were humans unfortunantly they would shoot the fuck outta me, while the alien and predator would be amazed by my ninja whipping skillz. LAWLZ
  4. AVP Demo is on steam for your use, GO FUCKING GET IT NOW!
  5. Well i lost my cock, i think my friends mom has it.
  6. Just a Friendly Notice Pingas. that is all.
  8. Once you said gameplay video i came.
  9. Haha xD, and when you hit it you hear ice cream truck sounds
  10. Is there going to be a custom animation for zombies like sitting down or on the ground then standing up to eat your brain dawgz. but like is it going to be hl2 anim if its going to be added, custom or none at all
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEfIokko0T0
  12. In hl2 the regular zombies attacks were predictable so u could dodge easily so is the zombies in NMRIH are there attack anim going to be a random pattern or like overhead swing then swipe ect. and how is zombie biting going to be implemented?
  13. Just make a zombie chickens and make them basically do everything a headcrab does that wud be lolz
  14. or Michael Jackson can do a spin kick that sends you flying into the helicopter then a dramatic scence where michael fights of hordes of zombies with his pelvic thrusts of doom, then dies by being swayed by all the infected children then becoming zombie jackson and he jumps up on the helicopter and thrusts the shit out of the pilot and you all die, but thats only if you dont masturbate all over the homeless man at walmart before u get to the heli pad
  15. Who wants to play zp the original?