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  1. Not trying to piss on anyone's parade here, but the choice of player models has kinda bugged me. I mean, Bateman and Wally, and that pimp whose name I forgot? Why? On the one hand, you want immersion, on the other hand... this? At least use characters from zombie movies, which would kinda make sense, or make original characters, but characters from non-zombie-related movies? Why?!

    Can't believe no one's suggested this one



  2. Well, if were going with the realism, the one where you turn before death, is practically impossible, mainly because the brain has to completely shut off for the virus to re-animate.

    I do like the idea of scavenging drawers though.

    finding full boxes of ammo wouldn't be possible unless the max carrying capacity is risen, because a box, lets say, of 9mm ammunition has 50 rounds and survivors only carry like 25 rounds. Not a bad idea though.

    And finally, you can carry 3 sidearms I believe? You can carry a beretta and a colt for sure, but not sure if you can add the 6-shooter to your inventory.

    I meant 2 of the SAME TYPE of sidearm.

  3. *It would make sense if you had free inventory space that you could pick up two of the same pistol. I mean there's no reason to leave a fully loaded Beretta behind just because you already have one. New York reload anybody?

    A few other ideas

    -ability to search drawers

    -Astronomically small chance of an infected character turning before dying (could create some trust dynamics)

    -Different types of flashlights instead of just maglites

    -Bags. A backpack could give you extra space for maybe an extra handgun and ammo. A duffel bag would let you carry an extra long weapon but make you slower.

    -Very small chance of finding a box of ammo that is actually full. i.e. instead of all shotgun ammo box only having like 6 rounds you'd find one with 25.

    A few critiques

    -The HMMWV is missing it's hatch

    -The NYPD cruiser has the wrong paintjob and light bars (though this is likely on purpose to make it more generic)

    -Get rid of the NYPD radio chatter (I mean the radio chatter seems calm and isn't the city already overrun at this point)


  4. A Tactical reload however is a much faster but costly alternative, you reload faster but loose all bullets in your current magazine forcing you to pick them up afterwards (in the form of that weapons magazine), which after having multiple zombies coming at you in a dark street can make things difficult if not impossible.

    Sounds more like a panicked lose your shit reload more than a "tactical" reload really.

  5. I know this has been posted before or something like it has been posted but how about some sort of flamethrower.

    The are relatively easy to make... well some are like hair spray can plus a taped safety lighter.

    I have 2 suggestions for a flamethrower, one being a true flamethrower.

    suggestion one

    hair spray can and a lighter.


    1.lights the undead on fire

    2.can hit a large horde in a short time


    1. must find both parts to use

    2. very short range

    3. burns through ammo in seconds (for balance)

    This has been suggested before and put down for likely being ineffective as a Real Life weapon.

    Also> Golf Club and Tire Iron

  6. On the map broadway the gunstore is always very sparse in actual guns and ammo. What about if it was random event that the gunstore was boarded up completely to preven tit from being looted in the first place. Say that in the random event that the gunstore is boarded up, then you would need multiple people bashing away at the boards in order to get inside before the zombies get to you; And since the gunstore is boarded up then the reward for teamwork in tearing down the boards together would be that the gunstore is much more rich in guns & ammo.

  7. You know something.....This mod contains too many guns that are well known/popular. I think it would be appropriate to include firearms that are common in America but not really all that good looking/well known.

    I've used this BATF study of the most common firearms used in crime as a source because I could not find a source for the most common firearms in America...

    Most common guns in crime

    Ruger P-Series Pistols


    A common firearm in America that is not well represented in film/videogame media


    Raven Arms MP-25


    A mass produced "Saturday Night Special" junk gun, Another common gun that is not well represented, however it is a low powered junk gun. Maybe a small probability of the gun exploding upon fire could be implemented.


    Smith & Wesson 5906


    Another common firearm in America that is not well represented in film/videogame media, at least this one is pretty....It is also one of the NYPD's authorized service pistols for on-duty carry(The DAO version that is)