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  1. Awww I liked looking at his pig-man avatar.
  2. Well that looks legit but we do not know what variables were used in their definition of an "improvement". I don't know what's going on in the head of the DoD.
  3. Well your sort of right. However even though Colt owns the M16 design, Fabrique Nationale (A arms company from Belgium) currently has held the contract for the manufacture of US Military M16 rifles for some time now. However Colt still has the contract to manufacture the M4 series. That in to addition that they determined it was not deemed financially feasible to replace all M16/M4 rifles unless a replacement candidate did at the least a 100% improvement over the M16/M4. (and none did so) I'll reinforce what someone said before in that the M16A2 and onward basically all the initial flaws have been solved, all that jamming crap is from the M16,M16A1,XM-16 (pre M16A2)
  4. Yeah I guess it was a littlebit far but I was comparing the raygun to a fictional miracle bullet, not to the SIR I also think the SIR is a stupid idea, why would you "invent" a rifle just for semiautomatic fire when there are already a crapload of semiautomatic weapons in the country. just a couple of semiautomatic weapons that have already been put into production and would do about the same thing as the SIR.
  5. What's wrong with just keeping the M16A2/M4A1? All those tales about it jamming alot are all from the original M16 design and use of poor quality ammunition. From what I've read the modern M16/M4 is essentially perfected. -looks pretty reliable to me There would be no need to design a completely new weapon because of problems with the M16/M4 that in actuality do not exist. The world is not perfect, shit happens. It's like nowadays when some poor kid steps on a landmine from some war that happened 20 years ago and gets blown to shit.
  6. I know, isnt it.
  7. Actually it was for getting in a catfight with a prostitute or something of that nature.
  8. Well both DotD's had children zombies, and so did Notld & 28 days later.
  9. I think your an idiot. ....I also think I'm done here, at least with that middleschooler.
  10. And you are qualified to make that judgment? There's also no need for name calling, and this BS about them replacing the M16 series has been going on since the 80's and every single time they come up with something it gets turned down. Also, while we are making up fake technology like the "PIE" that does not exist why don't we throw in other weaponry that does not exist. I propose this alien ray gun because the government would obviously invent it out of thin air in the outbreak of a zombie infestation as the laser beam would seal the wound shut stopping the EXTREMELTY F**KING INFECTIOUS MATTER from contaminating up teams!!!!!!!
  11. I've inquired about this problem on another forum that is more directly related to Hammer but they did not know what to do. Whenever I do anything in the 3d view camera in Hammer with the mouse or z the camera starts pointing directly up along the y axis and starts spinning. This also happens in the Model Browser Preview. I can still use WASD in the 3d view though. And it's not GameOverlay UI because I checked processes and it's not there. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help.
  12. Nope, it's stored away in my other desk.
  13. lol
  14. Well this mod is supposed to be realism in the scope of a zombie outbreak. Just because zombies are fictional doesn't give license to just not think, realistically I do not think the military would develop a specialized zombie ammuniton round/weapon just so some cleanup team doesn't have to get all gooey -The military would not even select a replacement assault rifle to replace the M16/M4, and i'm quoting unless there was a "100%+ improvement" over the current weapon. Maxx also did not say that items like this would be in the mods, he just said it does not fit the mod (at least at the moment) because the mod takes place within the first hours.
  15. Funny because I actually do have a tablet.
  16. It's okay I see that you are all just trying to make me feel young. I appreciate it.
  17. I made this a while back but I'll show you guys anyway. I never show the textured shots as I am horrible at texturing.
  18. nonsense, I am a MAN!
  19. I brought that up because some zombie mods just place the weapons in places that make no sense like ZPS had weapons lying around basically anywhere on OFFICIAL maps. (I.E. Biotech) heh Well I think you basically answered.
  20. I know it's up to the mapper but...... Will the firearms be located in places that make sense (like inside closets, gun stores, underneath someone's bed, in someone's bedside drawer, Inside someone's guncabinet/safe) or will they be all over the place where it might not make as much sense.
  21. I hate teenagers. Hopefully we will have some teen zombies.
  22. Another thing is this is suppose to be a realism mod and "PIE" rounds simply do not exist.
  23. Damn, no dice. I also don't have HL2DM. How do you revert Hammer to default settings, maybe that will fix it. I can still do stuff with hammer, I just find the lack of a 3d camera a large inconvenience.
  24. I don't think there would be enough of a difference between a "PIE" bullet and a 5.56x45mm NATO entering the zombie's brain to warrant resources being diverted to someone's pet project. I mean basically any bullet into a zombie's head= a dead zombie, right? The only change in weaponry for the military during the outbreak that i'd imagine is that they probably start fixing bayonets more often. (not that fixing bayonets is common practice right now)
  25. Are there any "Assault Weapons" planned in NMRIH? I don't mean like actual full automatic military assault rifles but those Firearms that look like them but with only semiautomatic fire. They are very popular in the United States and I know several people personally who own one. So if you were foraging for weapons in a gun store or someone's house I would be amazed if you did not come across one.