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  1. Well I don't remember exactly but that zombie was either A> Strapped down to a gurney B> Missing all his limbs Either one cannot be compared to killing a zombie in combat.
  2. I vote riot police zombies. (not that I have a say) Seeing as most players will be using melee firearms, zombiefied riot police should be challenging for them.
  3. You know those machinmas that remake RL films, those are tight.
  4. Dude I effi'ng loved that game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=137B-IH-_8Q
  5. Lol the blue people in that film look like Azurik(not that i play that game)
  6. I do not think the average joe is competent enough to wrestle a zombie to the ground and drill a hole into his head. Also with knives you could probably get it into the head fairly quickly if you stabbed hard. With a Drill you have to wait a little bit as......... it drills.
  7. The Winchester 1873 Stopped production in 1919 so I think it would be more realistic to find a Winchester 1894 (Which stopped production in 2006) (Winchester 1894) Not that it's a big deal or anything.
  8. nvrmind
  9. I am sorry if this has been suggested before (I don't think it has) #1 A RARE occurrence of a zombie hiding in places like under the bed, inside of the closet, inside a locker or something.(They would be there for ex. if a bitten human decided to go hide there) That way you would have to be even more careful if you think a place is clear at first. It would be interesting as if players barricaded themselves in a room and felt all safe but little do they know there is a zombie crawling towards them from underneath a bed. The occurrence would be rare so that it would not be predictable and would actually be a surprise. #2 Openable props like Desk drawers, utility lockers, weapons lockers, cupboards, etc. that had items in them (useful or not) Kind of like in the Land of the Dead game.
  10. It is explained at the beginning that the nations could not figure out what to do so they hired the MNU to take control of it.
  11. I like it.
  12. I just saw it today -very good movie, I'll be sure to buy it on DVD when it comes out.
  13. I'll give a pass on Gallup Daily however many consider CNN & ABC to be liberal & that news networks like CNN and especially ABC and MSNBC- so you have to take that into consideration. (I use both CNN & FOX)
  14. Your a Moderator
  15. Funny because that non-white girl in the Purple Jacket is John McCain's adopted daughter __________________________________________________________ That must explain his 47% approval ratings http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_con...l_tracking_poll
  16. Yeah, I agree that it would probably be exploited. Also it makes no sense that there is some kind of nook that a Player can get into but a zombie cannot. Think about it for a second, players and zombies are both the shape and size of a human so anywhere a human can fit,it would only make sense that a zombie can fit there as well.
  17. A Ripley's Believe it Or Not Odditorium
  18. Yeah exactly, but if it were to be implemented it should be quite rare otherwise you will expect it and it would become predictable.
  19. Oh-yeah Double Barrel Shotgun.
  20. I completely agree. If they can't create a firearm that can never jam in this relatively peaceful world what makes you think that they would be able to do so when everything goes to hell. I don't consider myself an expert with firearms but from what I've read all it really takes to un-jam a firearm anyways is pulling the charging handle to chamber the next round and maybe a slap to the magazine. -I mean they are slow moving zombies, I think you would have enough time to do that before they got to you.
  21. You are talking about 7.62x39mm correct?
  22. Maybe you didn't read my statement clearly. You said you didn't like the M16 because it fired a 5.56x45mm round even though every Assault Rifle in the Western World uses the 5.56x45mm (with a couple exceptions)
  23. Then you would have that biggest complaint with literally every Assault Rifle in the Western World.
  24. Are you kidding me???? lol