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  1. lol -you gotta prob'lem with Rednecks ........boooyy.
  2. In order for it to be categorized as a joke I think it actually has to be funny.
  3. I've been looking forward to this game as well. Especially the feature where if a bridge or a house or anything gets blown up it stays blown up for the entire game to show the attrition of war.
  4. I agree. -that means YOU havikk
  5. If you have to download premade buildings then you probably don't have the skill level to make a decent map IMO.
  6. Hell, I'd take a Brick over an electric drill.
  7. You also have to remember that most people in the City probably lock their doors.
  8. I think what we need is some Junk guns, AKA "Saturday Night Specials", think about it you're strollin through the ghetto or you burst into some pawn shop and you run into one of these low cost - low quality guns that are dumped by the shitload into those "Gun Buyback" programs that they have all over the ghetto. Raven Arms MP-25 - .25ACP
  9. If you want to get technical only the SPAS-12's protective shroud was used, it was actually a Remington 870 as the grenade launcher for the M41A. Anyways glad that a new AVP is coming out, I'm still waiting on Aliens:Colonial Marines though.
  10. There is a NMRiH wiki?
  11. Not that hard really, Semi-automatic only MAC-10/11s are fairly common on the US civilian market. here's one you can buy for ~$500 http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=138668144#PIC probably a bad idea to just throw a bunch of weapon ideas out at once as if you do that it probably won't be considered and it will be seen as just a bunch of static. You should just post one or two weapons per post and discuss why it should be included.
  12. I'm going to gather up what i can remember from reading on this forum> Baseball bat Machete Spade Fire Axe Crowbar leadpipe Hammer Chainsaw Molotov Cocktail Beretta 92FS Winchester 1894 Colt 1911 Browning Hi-power Ruger MK II/III .22lr Ruger Mini-14 Springfield M1A HK MP5 Winchester 1300 Mossberg 500 Over/Under Shotgun S&W 686 .22 Rifle
  13. Not to mention, how many people would even have the strength to be able to draw the string back on a compound bow.
  14. Havikk, alot of his posts show his youth and noobishness.
  15. Interestingly I've read that in Canada that if a 10 round magazine was designed for use in a pistol it can still legally be used in a rifle. http://www.canadaammo.com/product.php?prod...at=0&page=1
  16. Only place the Ruger Mini-14 has ever had a 15 round magazine is in Left 4 Dead, Ruger ships the Mini-14 with 20 round magazines standard. ...Yeah I know small detail
  17. Well if we are going for common weapons it seems I always come across these two guns whenever I go to DICKS or Walmart. Pathetic/Flimsy looking Ruger 10/22 Camouflage Turkey Shotgun made by some Italian Company
  18. Well yeah but adding somekind of Glock would make more sense seeing as the .40 cal Glock 22 is just about the most popular police handgun in America and the Glock 17 & Glock 19 have been popular firearms for the civilian market for much longer than the Springfield XD so they are higher in #. Not that it's a big deal or anything.
  19. Maybe you'd find Uzi's being used by SWAT in like the 1970's or something but definitely not today. Don't think gangsters would be able to afford Micro Uzi's or even the semi-auto Micro Uzi Pistol, they're kind of pricey.
  20. nope, They had a Springfield XD in Resident Evil 4.
  21. From what I've read most riot gear armor is not bulletproof. ex. http://www.schooluniforms.com/1991.html http://www.approvedgasmasks.com/riot-centurion.htm
  22. true I think the best way to categorize it would be this> Riot Gear Zombies=Melee Weapon resistant Army/SWAT Zombies (Kevlar Vests/Kevlar Helmets) =Bullet resistant
  23. Actually I think it would be the other way around, Riot Gear is made to withstand mainly melee type weapons, rocks, thrown bricks, that kind of stuff -however IIRC most riot gear is not made to stop bullets so this could still add an interesting equation into the game as melee weapons are ineffective against this type of zombie and you would not be able to kill it w/o extensively damaging it with some powerful melee weapon. ....or unless you find a gun (IIRC are rare in NMRIH) you would probably have to run from riot gear zombies. just my 2 cents