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  1. They did something like that when the America's Army map editor came out. The staff screened the maps sort of as a quality control so that the game would not be full of half assed maps.
  2. well said.
  3. It's not like if you are a zombie apocalypse survivor that zombie combat will be so intense and continous that you wouldn't have time to wash your hands. If you are able to find time to eat and sleep then you will certainly have time to wash your hands at some point. Also the mod takes place just as the outbreak starts so your hands would be clean anyways(assuming you don't live a filthy lifestyle to begin with).
  4. I kind of hope spraying tags is not present in the mod. Kind of takes the realism out of the game when you are holed up and people start putting up pornsprays and crap.
  5. Are you a hypochondriac?
  6. What about all those Police and SWAT character models from the old build of NMRiH, those were looking really good.
  7. Tight, btw WTF is Tatsu.
  8. I like how they do it in Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory with the arm movement animation if you were dropping an ammo crate for your team-mates. BTW, I hate that game but I think the animation they had for handing out stuff is good.
  9. Meh, I think you've have time to clean up in any down time anyways ,so nahh.
  10. In battlefield you could destroy Tiger Tanks by driving headfirst into them with a jeep....lame Also if you were stranded and you saw a vehicle, you'd start the long run towards it and right before you get to it the vehicle self destructs....I hated that so much.
  11. At least in operation flashpoints the vehicles don't SELF DESTRUCT on their own if you leave them for a minute or two.
  12. This looks amazing, look at the draw distances.
  13. lol "Argggghhhhhhh Kennnnsttaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr"
  14. Same here, Well Done tastes too dry.
  15. I don't care for steak that much but when I do have it I get it Medium.
  16. Haven't you ever played Condemned 2? The brick was kickass in that game.
  17. The TMP never came with a "silencer". Seriously now though, a brick.
  18. Is select fire(for automatic weapons) planned for the future?
  19. Yeah and what does becoming a Redneck Slut entail?
  20. Works better if you just attach a barbecue lighter to the nozzle of the super soaker, that way it sets the gasoline on fire the instant it leaves the barrel. (I will not be held responsible should someone attempt this and ends up horrible maimed)
  21. Same applies I guess...
  22. What job are you trying to get?
  23. That crap is coming out all the time. Nothing special, just move along.
  24. Heh, I guess everyone else here must be alot easier to amuse than me.